Thursday, October 28, 2010

Why I Would Be Picky When It Comes to Adding and Approving Friends on Facebook

Do you want to be like that girl? Seriously? 25 hours on Facebook?
First, let me tell you that I have 394 friends on Facebook. Not so many huh? And yet, I don't even know some of my friends on my Facebook. There's people that have been adding friends to 4,000 people.. do they even know all of their friends there? Do they even met 4,000 people in their life? I doubt it. Well, I don't think I've met 4,000 people in my life. Before this, I approve ALL people who added me. And what happened? Here's one.. There was this one guy from one of my friends in Facebook post me an unappropriate video on my wall. I mean, "a grown up video". And in case you're wondering, I didn't watch it. And after that, I deleted him and the video. I was so furious when he send that stupid video! What if someone checked on my profile and they saw that? What will they think of me?! What if my dad saw that?! Or my pastor from church or any other relatives saw that??! After what happened, I deleted every person that I don't know on my friendlist.That's why I will not approve someone just like that. Besides that, my brother said to me before that someone could hacked my account or tracked me down and that person will know where I would always online. That is super scary
Then there's this group of people called the FACEBOOK WORMS..  
What these Facebook worms all have in common is that none of them are telling you the truth. Another thing they have in common is how they compromise your privacy and the privacy of your Facebook friends. Don't be fooled, just be warned.

So dear friends, think twice before adding or approving someone on Facebook.
Thank you.

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