Monday, November 15, 2010

Mission Adventure Camp (MAC)

MAC 2009

Look at the picture . Try to spot me ... hehehe ..
If you could see clear enough, I was smiling . Why? Well because that camp means a lot to me. The above picture was MAC 2009. This camp is where I felt really close to God and I had encountered a lot in Him. He told me a lot of things. And best of all.. He changed me.. Besides that, I met so many people.. great people... great friends.. It was the greatest memories I have ever had. Just to be clear on MAC, it is a three week camp where they teach you "What is Christian" , "Listening God's Voice" , "Spiritual Battle" and so much more. And the third week is an outreach week where you reaching out people somewhere else. Then, we also have games. Last year, my favourite game was Treasure Hunting and Angel-Mortal. Okay first, let me explain about this treasure hunting game.. it was not a typical treasure hunting like you always knew. We hunted for PEOPLE. So, it was like this, since we already learned how to listen to God's voice, we ask God our clue that will bring us to our PERSON. Such as a girl with shoulder-length hair or bracelet on left hand or anything. God will show you. And then you wrote that on a piece of paper and compare them with everyone else. After that you will be on a group that have the most similar clue as you. And you will be send to a certain place and you hunt for you PERSON. When you find them, talk to them and pray for them. Then my second favourite game is Angel-Mortal. You will be asked to write your name on  piece of paper and so is everyone. After that, all those papers will be collected and you pick one. Therefore, you will have someone else's name. That  person's name is your Mortal and you will be the Angel. You will not tell anyone about whose angel is whose and whose mortal is whose. As an Angel, you will have to do something good to your Mortal without him/her knowing it is you. What we always do is send them scripture and treat them snacks everyday. I always gave
Everyone will have a work duty!
to my most trustworthy friend to gave it to my Mortal. So she would be like my messenger and she would say to my mortal like this, "This is from your Angel". Remember, you will have an Angel too..! So it is always a surprise what you will get everyday. The Angels will be revealed before you will be going to outreach on the third week. Fun, right?  MAC will be held every year and this year will be on 22nd Nov-11th Dec at Kg. Sarang, Kota Belud. I prayed and I prayed.. and suddenly. God told me to go. I must go, I want to go. The problem is I am struggling in a financial problem. And the devils kept attacking my feelings and worse, my faith. Thank God I am still strong. In Jesus name, you, devil flee far away from me and never come back.

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