Thursday, November 04, 2010

School's project...

Today I skipped school. And guess what? I saw Alexander's (Gobou) Facebook status saying that only 14 people present in our class today. Wow, really? Very very shocking. And I saw Faris commented his status that my teacher, Mrs. Amelia gave them chocolates. So he wanted to make us regret for not going to school today. But that's okay 'cause I have chocolates at home too:) And it's Cadbury's. Just to mention xD
I want to update my blog yesterday but I just don't have the time. Well, I have time now. So here goes..
Yesterday was the scrapbook competition. In our class (3UM), there were two groups doing it. The first group were Sherine,Sarah,Elvecca and... I forgot.. Sorry xp And the second group were Ernie,Fredina,Sylviana, and me. Then Fazira,Nathalie,Olivia,Jonsonty,Roland,Adline and Ezzatul joined us to help. For me, it was pretty fun. We were quite busy yesterday while doing the scrapbook. We were cutting so many newspapers and magazines and imagine the rubbish on the floor. Haha. I don't know what happened to me that time 'cause if I think it back again.. I was walking here and there and there and there.. I have no idea.. I guess I was too excited helping everyone. And I also remember that everyone is calling my name. "Susan, tulung lukis dulu sini..", "Susan, macamana ni? Kita tiada gambar simbol..", "Susan, bulih ka kita buat begini?", "Susan, saya tidak tau sudah macamana mau buat ni..", "Susan, ini logo ka simbol?" ... Susan, .... Susan,... Susan,.... No wonder I was so confused. But it's okay since I helped them. And when Mrs. Amelia said "Ini sepatutnya kerja satu kelas ni.. Kenapa yang ini saja buat ni?" And she said something about EVERYONE must help and she did not want to see a person sitting down, not doing anything. Then all of them stood up and walked to the us, the two groups to help. Some of them were picking up the rubbish. Just when I thought that we would never get to finished it... It was already done. I was so overwhelmed for their hard work. If I could cry I would. But that would be awkward. So,  
Thank you so much for helping us :)
especially the two groups. They were really helping out to do the scrapbook. Every drop of sweat was worth it. And last but not least..

What's gonna work..?

.Thank you.

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