Monday, November 01, 2010

Sorry Doggie

Yesterday, my family and I went to church as usual like every Sunday. But after the leaders' meeting we went home quite late. And in around 2.00 pm we were on our way home. While we were on our way, there's a dog crossing the road. Hmm.. a dog crossing the road.. no big deal huh? BUT the dog ran back to where it came from JUST WHEN OUR CAR WAS APPROACHING..


It happened..


My face turned pale. My mind went blank. I can hear the dog's body under the car. And I can never forget the sound. All of us in the car was so shocked that nobody dare to turned around to look back at the dog. And THANK GOD I didn't turn around to look back or else that image would probably stuck in my mind FOREVER. I was seriously was on a trauma but it only last a few minutes after I tried to comfort myself. I kept thinking that dogs died on the roads everytime and it was an accident. You see, we're not meant to do it you know. If we hit the brake on the middle of the road, we would probably on the risk of dying if a car suddenly hit us from the back. So, don't blame us.. It was not our fault to keep our safety first. But still, I felt sorry for the dog anyway. Sorry doggie. We're not meant to.

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