Sunday, December 26, 2010

MAC [Part 2]

Okay, I promised you dear readers to continue my stories about MAC.. So if you missed the part 1, you may read it just before this post . Sorry my English are so terrible last time .. I was rushing that I didn't even care about my grammar. So, before I tell you readers about how I live at Kg. Sarang, Kota Belud. I want to share one more thing that I forgot to tell you on part 1.. There was this one day in MAC that each person need to pray for the the person whom you picked out their name on a bunch of folded papers that was written in everybody's name. So I got Aileen's name.. We were told by our staffs to asked God what does He wanted to say for the person we chose. Surprisingly, what I heard from God made an impact on my friend , Aileen. I told her not to worry if she go back home after MAC because God will always guide her and I told her not to worry about her burden that she carried because God will handle everything. She told me that really helped her. And you know what? I have no idea that she was worried when would she get home and also she carried a burden. Hallelujah! I am not being proud of myself. Not boasting about myself. But to be proud of Jesus! I am a nobody but you see.. God can use me you know.. to do what He wants me to do.. So if you think that God did not care about you.. YOU ARE WRONG!
So ... proceeding with my stories at the village.. or to be clear, KAMPUNG LIFE :)
Well, since it was my second time on MAC, it was easier for me to bathe in open air with sarong and sleep on the floor. See ? When God would send you somewhere, it would not be as you want it to be.. That's what I learned these past few years. But there's one thing I can't stand, walking up the hill ! The house for us to stay are up the hill and the church are below, and you can guess how thin I had became after two weeks.. walking down is easy but the hard part was walking UP the hill... AAAGHH !! And when the first day I reached there, I had to carry my pail, luggage and another bag stuffed with my huge sleeping bag (it was my brother's cause I don't have a sleeping bag.. And my brother is TALL.. so.. it's quite big.. ) I felt like fainting when I carried all my things up the hill... Seriously ! I guess I'm out of idea to write anymore so I will stop here..  Please enjoy the MAC photos I uploaded below...

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