Sunday, January 02, 2011

The First Day of School

"How was your first day of school ?"

I bet many of you students get these today.

So, about my first day of school.. hmm, nothing much actually. Well, first of all .. this morning I woke up 4.50pm as usual. Sigh. And what happened that my nose bleeded when I was brushing my teeth. What a great start of the day.. So bla bla bla ... I reached school and I saw Fhelly and Syl at the canteen. They looked so great after two months. Well, I looked great too! Haha .. So after a few stories and laughs.. Then came Ernie with her new hairstyle.. Curly. How cute. And then came along Fredina and Aderina. They got a shorter hairtyles. And after I looked all of them, I realised that my hair doesn't change a bit. But I don't care about that. I love the way I look now. Heehee... Okay, long story short... it turns out that my class is in 4 UM. Account class. I think I'm gonna drop for Account. I can't do numbers that much. For electives I chose Economy and Geography. We learned a bit for Economy and Maths today. Economy is quite fun and interesting. However Maths was, uhh.. well.. the first few chapters are always easy right ? Sorry, it's just that I'm not the Math kind of people. I am always the art kind of people. And the sad part is we don't have arts in our class. Next, in my class.. Ernie sat on my left, Joanne sat on my right and Farah sat beside Joanne. Yay! I got friends in my new class! Hahaha !

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