Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hi readers! 
Just wanna show you how sweet my mum is :)
She made me a PINK pencil case! Actually, I was the one who wanted it. I remember how she always knit in the house and I thought maybe she could make me something out of it. And there she goes! She made it! Yeah! I love my mum :)

just so you know, 'JC' stands for Jesus Christ
Everyone thinks it stands for someone I admire, which is funny :]

One more thing,
I'm selling this one Domo doll which costs RM0.80 which I bought before and then I realised I have no interests in Domo. At all. Well it is hand-made and just so you know, it is not original. But I think it's a waste since I know there's a Domo lovers out there.

You can e-mail me at

About 8cm

If there are no buyers.. I'll cut it into pieces, literally.

Chill! I'm kidding :P

Friday, March 18, 2011

Miss YOU ;)

Yeah2.. As you can see.. I changed my blog design again..I just miss the pinks and reds.

Now, I kind of miss my friends from S.M. All Saints a lot.
Looking at the gifts they gave before I moved to Tuaran.. It's just.. I miss them! SO SO MUCH!

Made me smile when I read those letters they gave though.. Hehe.. 
These things I keep in my bedroom on my cupboard.. I will never let anything happen to all this things!
These are the things that really shows how much they love me.. And of course, I love them too :) One of my friends, Neanna didn't get the chance to give me present but when I said it's okay.. She said it's not okay.. Neanna said she must give me something so I will always remember her.. Really, I don't really mind.. Anyway, all she could give me is a candy.. satu biji gula-gula ja. But I still keep that candy wrapper until now. Look at the picture above.. Her name's on it.
I really hope I can meet them again. Every time they made plans to meet, I could not come. Tuaran is so far.. far from their place. Made me feel guilty.. I don't want them to think that I'm avoiding them on purpose.. Just so you know, I'm NOT. 

Oh, how I miss those time when we were in the class sitting together and laughing hysterically. They usually called me the freak one :P But I don't mind :) Somehow, I take that as a compliment.. It makes me feel different from the others. Hee..

To my dearest friends,
 ( I can't list all your names, I'm afraid I left some of you and you think I forget about you. There's so many of you!) 
I want you guys to know that you guys have done so much to my life. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for treating me when I don't have money :P Thank you for your advices. Thank you for being a great listener. Thank you for the shoulders when I need it whenever I wanted to cry. Thank you for helping me in my studies. Thank you for being generous and always care for me. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Books I Read

I've been to the Tuaran Library a lot lately and these are some great books I found there which I really enjoyed..

Beacon Street Girls
Check out their website:

Little Secrets
Big Lies   Big Trouble

A Candy Apple Book

How I Survived Middle School
Check out their website:

The library did not seem to have the complete collection of these books above so...
if you found books like these, I hope you can inform me or if you have, I hope you can lend me yours :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The First Time... EVER !

Hee.. guess what? I FINALLY DID IT! woohooo!!! I finally came out and sing on stage. ALONE!


It was yesterday actually. It was our relative's wedding. I just came along with my family. Besides, I love FOOD! Moreover, it's free! kuang kuang kuang! But that food yesterday upset my stomach today.. That's why I didn't go to church today.. sigh. 
Okay, now I'm babbling.. Back to my story..
Well, at a wedding it usually have karaoke right? So my cousin Benjamin told me to sing. I said no, I don't want. But he just push and push and push and I finally said.. okay.. At that time, I have no idea if I was going to faint, cry or vomit. I asked him what song that's available for me to sing. He gave me the song file for me to choose. I searched and searched.. Apa ni?! Dei, lagu karaoke urang tua bah semua ni.. So, I chose my own song and hopefully the band knows how to play it. I chose Gemilang by Jaclyn Victor. 

"Sekarang dipersilakan Saudari Susan untuk menghibur kita dengan lagu pilihannya," the female emcee said. Apparently, the male emcee was my friend's/niece's dad. Ernie's dad. Oh man, I was so nervous.. It's okay, urang kampung ja ni.. jangan takut.. sikit ja urang ni.. I tried to calm myself. Then my brother, Maxwell / Odon said "Kamera! Kamera! Mana tu kamera???" Dei, kurang asam. He had took the video of me singing. (No, I am not going to post the video here) Great.

I started to sing.. Kemuncaknya ingin ku tawan, Aku jelajahi.. OooOOh!! Rusak bah suara saya.. Adedeh.. So I went on and it gets a little bit better in the middle of the song.. Little bit. Hmm.. 
After I finished, I walked down and I told my family.. "ee, bida oh suara saya" They told me I was quite okay.. I was so grateful to have a very supportive family.. And that includes my annoying brother. Wait! Something really disturbed me when I heard someone singing behind me.. She sang Gemilang! Yea yea.. cantiklah suara kau tu.. Ndak payahlah kasi dingar saya!  It was like she was trying to show how much better she can sing than me.. whatever.. If she sings that good, go ahead! Let me see her on a stage. So then it was time to go home.. I walked so fast and did not even look anyone.. Let's just get out of here!! This is totally embarassing!! 

Yesterday, I don't even dare to look back at the video of me singing. But somehow I did it today. I look at it back.. My opinion? Well, at first it was terrible.. someone might laugh. But it really does gets better at the middle of the song..  My mum said it's okay for a first timer. My dad said to let the video to be kept as to remember my first time singing on stage ever. I <3 my mum and dad! I <3 my family.

Ernie, if you are reading this. Yes, I did see your dad and your brother, Adam. Kiut ni.. hahah..

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