Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Oklah, ni hari saya malas cakap english ni.. Melayu pun boleh lah..

Matius 27:46
Kira-kira jam tiga berserulah Yesus dengan suara nyaring: "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabakhtani?" Ertinya: Tuhan-Ku, Tuhan-Ku, mengapa Engkau meninggalkan Aku?

*Semasa Yesus di kayu salib, Dia sedar bahawa Tuhan Bapa tidak lagi kelihatan dan berteriak, meraung dan menangis mencari Bapa. Kerana dosa berbilion-bilion manusia di muka bumi ini, Bapa yang sangat kudus menjadi sangat jijik melihat dosa2 yang ditanggung Anak-Nya,Yesus lalu meninggalkan-Nya. Bayangkan, dosa bagi seorang manusia sahaja boleh menjadi sangat jijik bagi Tuhan. Betapa kotornya Yesus ketika itu..
Yesus yang sentiasa melihat Bapa, sentiasa mendengar Bapa, sentiasa rapat dengan Bapa secara tiba-tiba tidak lagi melihat Bapa. Yesus sangat sengsara ketika itu.

Kenapa Tuhan melakukan ini semua?
-Yohanes 3:16
Kerana begitu besar kasih Tuhan akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia mengaruniakan AnakNya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepadaNya tidak binasa melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

Hanya kerana kasih Tuhan melakukan ini. Supaya manusia dapat diselamatkan. 
Bertaubatlah! Dan terimalah hadiah keselamatan Tuhan ini!

Have a blessed Good Friday everyone.
God be with you.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Testimony - Prayer is powerful

There is one special way God always use when He wants to tell me something. Through dreams. It happens a lot.
Okay, I've been afraid to tell this to anyone but.. somehow I feel like I need to.
On the 7th of April 2011 night- which is Thursday.. I couldn't sleep. It's like I was waking up a lot when I just wanted to sleep. Then I remembered the sermon Aunt Anna preached the Sunday before.. She said, if you couldn't sleep.. God wants you to PRAY for something. So I took my time to asked the Lord what is it that He really wanted me to pray.. What is it that He really wanted that He kept waking me up in the middle of the night? So I took my time. No answers. I wait and wait and fell asleep.
That's where the dreams started.
I was heading home from school like usual and I saw my friend, Fhelly at the bus terminal. We always head home together. So anyway, I said hi to her.. Usually, she smiled and say hi back to me.. but not this time. She was pale. She smiled alright, but not like usual. Fear was written all over her face. So I asked what was wrong. I don't remember but I asked something like this, "Kenapa kau pucat ni? Apa yang kau nampak?" (Why are you so pale? What did you see?).. She said,"Itulah masalah dia. Jangan tanya saya apa yang saya nampak." (That's the problem. Don't ask me what I saw.) Suddenly, my other friend, Shafarina, came to her.. and said if Fhelly wanted to report something to the police. Turns out.. that 'something' means ghost. Ghost as in a woman holding a baby. In the church.. St. John, Tuaran church. Dreams could be weird sometimes.. I mean, why do you want to report that to the police? But anyway, that's how my dream was. And all of a sudden, I was in the church.. It's like one minute I'm at this one place, and the next thing I knew I was somewhere else.. 
Back to my dream, I saw some of my friends there. They were preparing to start the fellowship. Just to let you know, the youth will always gathered together on Friday there.. I'm not sure actually but it's like they were having worship session.. or something like that.. And then as I was heading out.. there was a hall.. and it's really really quiet. Dead quiet. I remembered about the ghost and I was scared.. So instead of going out, I joined their session. I saw my friend, Ernie and I told her,"Ernie, ni hari saya ikut kamulah sebab...." (Ernie, I'll join you guys today because...) And she interrupted me in mid sentence, "Ya,ya,ya.. Saya tau. Saya tau" (Yes,yes,yes.. I know. I know..) So she knows about that ghost?
As the session began.. A powerful wind blows the curtains like crazy.. The windows and doors banged wildly.. The youth ran all over the place and covered their ears with their hands. The dogs barked and howled. The cats hissed.. 
But not in the woman and baby formed.. But in the DEVIL formed.
No I did not see it.. Somehow I just know it's the devil. The doors were all locked by the youth. They were trembling. So did I.
But I stood on my feet and shouted, "Dalam nama Yesus! Kau, iblis pergi dari sini!! Kau tidak berhak mengganggu!  Saya, anak TUHAN mengusir engkau dalam nama YESUS!!" (In the name of Jesus! You, devil flee away from here!! You have no right to disturb! I am a God's child drive you out in JESUS name!!)
The devil screamed. That scream was dead scary.. Probably a real devil's scream.
Then, I woke up.

My heart was thumping. That dream flashed through my mind again.. 
It was still dawn. It was FRIDAY-8th of April.
The day where the youth at the church will gather together.
At that moment, my mind clicked together and I was SURE.. God told me to pray for their session for that day. He answered me after all.
So I prayed. I don't remember exactly what I had prayed.. but.. well, I just pray whatever came to my mind.
 And I fell asleep.. 

And then, on the next Monday - 11th of April, Shafarina came to Ernie and told her..
"Ernie, kau tau kan yang hari lima tu.. saya berdoa kan saya bilang saya mau rasa hadirat Tuhan.. trus tiba-tiba saya menangis ni.. Saya betul-betul rasa Dia oh.."  (Ernie, you know on Friday, I prayed and I said I want to feel the presence of God, suddenly I was crying.. I really really felt Him)
I thought I heard it wrong.. Did she said last Friday? During they were at the church? Not that I'm eavesdropping but I asked her anyway.. "Bila tu?" (When was that?)
"Jumaat. Minggu lalu." (On Friday. Last week.)
I thought I was about to fainted..
That was the day when I prayed for their session. At dawn. 
Let me tell you, when you feel His presence.. it is a thing which you really cannot put it into words-literally!
Just wonderful.. No,no.. it's Marvelous!! Because it happens to me before.

I believe her. Maybe, sometimes.. Shafarina are most likely to be in my favourite person list.. but God said, He wants all the nation to love one another. So, gotta change this attitude I guess..

You see, prayer really is powerful. If you really believe in Him.
I still remember a long time ago when my sister told me that God told her that He will use me as an intercessor. At that time, I was freaking out. There's no way I am an intercessor! But now it happens, nothing is impossible through Him, right?

*God told me that He loves the youth there because they pleases Him a lot. He sees the love that they have for Him. But sometimes, they do not live their life according to His way.

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