Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Benefits of Reading

Reading has helped me a lot in my life. I can never get an A for my English if I did not read a lot. This essay I wrote for my English exam, paper 1, Section B; Continuous Writing. I got 43 for this section. This essay is based on my real experience of the benefits I earned from reading.

     We had been taught to read since kindergarten. All of us know how to read, right? Students always read in school. However, some of them only read because they have to. Not because they want to. Most of them have no idea that reading could bring them such good benefits.

     First, reading can improve our knowledge. You do not have to read only the school books that contain the learning from the syllabus. You can just pick up anything from the library and believe it or not, no matter how ridiculous a book can be, there will still be some facts inside. Fun facts are good because you can remember because you enjoy them.

     Second, it can improve your writing skill. When writing, some people could stuck in the middle without ideas especially students. With reading, you can write a lot of things since you have read so many writings. Some people may not realise that. As a conclusion, them more you read, the more you will write.

     Next, reading will also improve your imaginations. For example, when you read story books, your mind will imagine the things which are happening in the books. As they start doing it, they will continue doing it in their everyday lives even when they are not reading. Imagining is really helpful if you like to create a story.

     Then, you can also think deeply and not based on one thing only. Everyone have different opinions and thoughts. So, if you read multiples books in your life, you will definitely know that one thing happens can be based on millions of theories. For example, some said earth and men were created by God but some said earth occur from a big explosion, also known as 'The Big Bang' theory and men began from an ape-like creature.

     Life is too short to learn everything by yourself. So, do not waste your opportunity to fill your life with reading. Altogether, you can improve your knowledge, increase your writing skill, improve your imaginations and to think based on many opinions and thoughts. There is no harm trying. Read and you will open your mind.
Teacher's comment : Good language. Full of facts and contents!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What I came across

Hello there readers.. Today I was was blog-surfing and came across this !

It opens my eyes and my mind more reading it. It's quite long but it's worth it.
It tells you more about hell. Do you know God speaks more about hell than heaven? It's true !
Well, take time to read this my Christian fellows.. It really really awakens me and I hope it would be the same for you too.

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Tired D;

So today was the second day of the wedding and I had to put on our Dusun wear again. Not that I do not like it but, it was really really hot just now. I've been sweating from head to toe. It's crazy. I was really really really tired. I didn't get enough sleep last night. When I woke up this morning, my body was aching. And I was so dizzy. I wish I could go back to sleep again but since I am the close relative, I had to prepare early. Besides, wearing those Dusun wear would take a long time. And then my aunt and my cousin's fiancĂ© wanted to go to the hair saloon. You know women... we want to look beautiful on occasions especially like this. But for me, I don't even have the mood to look beautiful today and I don't feel beautiful...! I was so freakin' tired that I don't even care about anything! All I wanted to do was to sleep. Ah, those dancing last night! sigh. I had all the feelings to look pretty yesterday but today, I just lost it. I'd rather put on a T-shirt and a pair of shorts with my hair tied all up without any make-ups on.. which I am right now.. Ah, very comfy.. 
I not that tired anymore but I still have dark circles below my eyes. Who cares? 

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Once Upon A Time on A Wedding..

So today was the biggest day for my cousin, Winnie. Why? Well because it was the day for her to marry her man, Edmund.. Aww, so sweet.. She was so beautiful today.. Anyway, today I had a lot of fun. Really. I thought weddings are boring. But not today! I really enjoyed dancing and singing today.. Did I dance well? Did I sing really good? Not really.. But let me tell you something, I had fun ! -Literally! My families, relatives and I danced our traditional Dusun dance, Sumazau. I did not joined the poco-poco dance by the way because I don't know how. Heh.. For the karaoke, I sang 'Because You Loved Me' by Celine Dion.. My friend, Gwen was there! She 's not a close relative my mum said. But she is still a family. She saw me sing! Hahaha! Awesome.. Apparently she saw me wearing our traditional Dusun clothes too. Aw man! As I knew how great her voice is, I told her to sing! hehe.. But she said she was shy.. Alaa.. malu-malu kucing lagi.. Then, when my families saw me sing, my cousin, Hannah was pushed to sing too! Alaa.. kena paksa la pula.. She sang, 'When You Believe' by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston.. She sounded great but I could tell that she was nervous.. Quite okay than my first time of singing in front of people though.. Still remember my older post? If you are new, click here --> . And my second song was 'Matahari' by Agnes Monica.. I sang with my lil' niece, Rachel. No we do not sound that great but like I said, I had a really great time.. I think I'm improving a lot when singing in front of people. I can do this! Yeah! I was about to go for my third song, 'Sayang Kinabalu' just now but it was time for me to go home. 
That's about it. There are also a lot of things happened today but, some things are meant to be untold. I don't have to tell everything.

our traditional Dusun wear (Lotud)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Currently in Labuan

in the car, on the way..
We came to Labuan by speedboat. I have no idea there are bumps on the sea.. Man!

Now I am currently in Labuan with my dad and mum. Today, we checked in a hotel.. Quite okay for a 3 star.
Well at least we can sleep. By the way it's only for a night. 
So, we are here to send my brother his NEW laptop in his college (Matrikulasi).. Gembira bah terus..
Here's some pictures of him I took with my phone..
kan saya bilang, gembira bah.. senyum lagi..
my brother and my dad
We didn't get to find chocolates today.. As many of you know, Labuan is famous with their cheap chocolates and alcohol drinks. Well, my mum did bought a chocolate today but just a bar. Enough for her and I to eat. We ate more than half of that bar of chocolate just now. And also, my dad bought a bottle of wine. Oh yeah! I bought my self something too! And also for my friend, Ernie :)
'S' is for Susan. And pink is my favourite colour.
'E' is for my friend's name, Ernie. Purple is her favourite colour.
 (It's purple. Idk why it  looks like blue)
We don't have anything much to do today. Now, my parents are watching TV. Here they have channels from Brunei! Can you believe that?
that's my mum.. 
And that's it.. Day 1 is not that interesting. But I bet day 2 will be really exciting. Wait, who am I kidding? It's just Labuan! sigh..

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