Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Currently in Labuan

in the car, on the way..
We came to Labuan by speedboat. I have no idea there are bumps on the sea.. Man!

Now I am currently in Labuan with my dad and mum. Today, we checked in a hotel.. Quite okay for a 3 star.
Well at least we can sleep. By the way it's only for a night. 
So, we are here to send my brother his NEW laptop in his college (Matrikulasi).. Gembira bah terus..
Here's some pictures of him I took with my phone..
kan saya bilang, gembira bah.. senyum lagi..
my brother and my dad
We didn't get to find chocolates today.. As many of you know, Labuan is famous with their cheap chocolates and alcohol drinks. Well, my mum did bought a chocolate today but just a bar. Enough for her and I to eat. We ate more than half of that bar of chocolate just now. And also, my dad bought a bottle of wine. Oh yeah! I bought my self something too! And also for my friend, Ernie :)
'S' is for Susan. And pink is my favourite colour.
'E' is for my friend's name, Ernie. Purple is her favourite colour.
 (It's purple. Idk why it  looks like blue)
We don't have anything much to do today. Now, my parents are watching TV. Here they have channels from Brunei! Can you believe that?
that's my mum.. 
And that's it.. Day 1 is not that interesting. But I bet day 2 will be really exciting. Wait, who am I kidding? It's just Labuan! sigh..

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