Saturday, July 30, 2011

Say NO to Child Abuse

found this on friend's Facebook. I think you should take a look at this.

Most kids wake up to a loving parent, or an alarm clock:
I wake up to a bloody nose and sprained wrist.

Most kids eat a healthy breakfast. 
I eat whatever I can if there is any.

Most kids have a different uniform everyday. 
I wear the same one.

Most kids have lots of friends. 
I might have one.

Most kids don’t get bullied day-to-day. 
I’m lucky to not get bullied three times a day.

When most kids get home their parents say hello and fix dinner. 
I get shoved against a wall and am unconscious for atleast an hour.

When most kids go to bed, they are snuggled warm under covers having wonderful dreams. 
I am laying on the floor begging to not wake up the next morning.

Shut Up, Don't Laugh.

So, my dad bought me this. APPETON WEIGHT GAIN. Shut up, don't laugh. I know I'm skinny.
But you know what? It's actually pretty good.. Chocolate flavour! Mmm.. I wonder how am I gonna look like when I gain some weight.. I can't wait to see the result on me! Mesti saya seksi ni kan nanti? Hahaha!! doi.
I don't really care actually with my body. I don't care if I'm skinny.. But I'm worried of my health.. Since it is really hard for me to get fat, I just eat anything I want without thinking that food is healthy or not. And I am really afraid to exercise because I thought it would just make myself skinnier than it is now. Hopefully, when I gain some weight, I would really be careful when balancing my diet. Sometimes, people just told me to eat more fats so I might get fatter. But that is really dangerous because fats are on the top of the food pyramid. Meaning, fats tu paling sikit lah yang perlu diambil. Jangan ingat asal kurus mesti makan banyak-banyak tu lemak.. Skinny people pun boleh kena diabetes sama heart attack..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soul Surfer Movie

A couple of days ago, I watched the DVD my dad bought. As you can see, the title of the story is Soul Surfer , a Sean McNamara film and based on a true story. The reason I put this on my blog is because I want to share to the world that this is such an inspiring story about Bethany Hamilton and I want all of you who read this to find this movie and watch it.

Soul Surfer is the inspiring true story of teen surfer Bethany Hamilton, who lost her arm in a shark attack and courageously overcome all odds to become a champion again, through her sheer determination and unwavering faith. The film featured an all-star cast, including Anna Sophia Robb and Helen Hunt, with Carrie Underwood in her film debut and Dennis Quaid. In the wake of this life-changing event that took her arm and nearly her life, Bethany's feisty determination and steadfast beliefs spur her toward an adventurous comeback that gives her the grit to turn her loss into a gift for others.

The Real Bethany Hamilton

For some people, they may choose Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears or Katy Perry as their role-model. But I chose her to be mine. She has taught me not to give up on my life even when it seems like there's no hope and the most important thing is never lose my faith. 

By the way, I saw her on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? show.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Gloomy ;(

Today was such a gloomy day for me. I don't even have the mood and it was raining which added the gloominess for me. I don't even have the heart to laugh or smile. All I want is to be alone. Sometimes other people might think "Naah.. She doesn't really want to be alone. She's just saying that to get attentions"
Actually, I really like to be alone. I mean, not like emo . I like taking some quiet time.. you know, to meditate. I like it when I'm alone and I can think a lot of stuff. Most of the time in school, when my friends would tell each other some jokes and laugh loudly, I would just keep quiet and do my own stuffs. But still, I couldn't stop laughing if I heard some funny things they said.. You know, a lot has change in myself this year. The things I used to think was funny are not funny anymore. Am I getting matured now? Do adults laugh as much as kids do? That's not fair. Things do change when you're sixteen.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paint & Clean

I spend half of the day at school today. It was worth it. We painted the walls in blue ! See that wall behind me? Yeah, it looked really great. And our classroom looks a lot bigger.  
I do not regret coming to school just now. It was a lot of fun! Sweep the floor, wipe the windows, clean the fan.. etc..etc.. If only my two soul sisters were here.. [sigh] But Ernie & Ququ were on the church with their activities. I can't blame them. Actually, I did not planned to come the day before. But Mr. Ronald's (yeah, Teacher Amelia said 'SIR' Ronald is incorrect. That's why I said MR. Ronald) words kept repeating over and over in my head. He said, "Kalau boleh datanglah.. Ini satu kali saja ni.."
Man! I was really confused. However, I decided to go eventually. I decided around midnight last night so it was kind of a last minute decision.
I am so glad I decided to come. If I decided to stay home.. I would literally missed out all the fun! 
Our teachers also bought us a box of mineral water and some kuih..
They really took good care of us.. But those mineral waters were used to pour on Shafarina as it was her birthday. What a waste! Can't they use tap water?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soul Sisters :D

As you can see, my previous post was about my friends at All Saints, my previous school. But when I think about it.. it's not fair for my friends here in St. John. A couple of days ago, my friend, Ernie said she read my blog and she said she was jealous that I just talked about my friends in All Saints. Not fair isn't it? Besides, if it wasn't for her, my days in St. John would never be joyful. If it wasn't for her, I'd be a loner. If it wasn't for her, I'd just be a new girl who have no friends. Not that I'm saying that I don't have any other friends but she is the one who makes me really comfortable in that school. Besides her, I also have another friend who I love, Dellta. We call her Ququ.. Hee.. Well, honestly, sometimes she would really be a pain in the neck. I can't stand it when she shouted at me. But, yesterday.. when I was quiet and not in the mood. She noticed something wrong. She knew I was mad that she screamed at me... or was she? I don't know. But she tried really hard to say sorry to me. I was still mad that I wouldn't even look at her. What made me laugh is that my friends, Ququ,Ernie,May,Adli & Nazrin draw on a piece of big paper about our friendship. OUR friendship. Which Ququ wrote how sorry she was on it. That really touched me.. They really consider me as their friend and I am part of them. However, they lost the paper somehow.. Hee..

We are the Geng Budak Sowt !

Ernie @ Abeth
me, Ququ, Ernie

One more thing.
They really really like to annoy me!
Well, I can't see who doesn't.


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

As I Walked In..

Yeah, I've been wanting to post this days ago but could not make it. So, now I have my time I will tell you my story. 

Last Saturday, which was the 2nd of July I went to my old school, S.M. All Saints. Hee.. I went there for the bazaar. Honestly, I actually went there just to meet my besties :) I don't even care about that bazaar actually.
So, as I was approaching to the school.. my heart beats faster.
 Was I nervous? 
I think so.
 And then I was there.
I was literally in front of the school gate. 
I saw familiar faces around.. And also some new faces.. 
Suddenly, somewhere between the crowd I spotted one person. 
A very familiar person.
She saw me too but she did not recognized me at first but she looked at me again for the second time. Then, she smiled and ran to me and I ran to her and we hugged and laughed and talked and talked.. She said she had to meet someone and told me to go along to meet with the others. And then she went out. Sigh. 
So, I went to my friend's stall. 4B stall. As I was walking to their stall, the first person I saw was AZUE ! And then I saw TESSA and IZZATUL and ZULAIKHA ! Hahahah!! I was so happy I ran to them and hugged them while laughing. Then, they told me to buy this and that.. They were so happy I did not even heard a word they were saying.. It was like ALL of them were talking to me at once. 
Zulaikha,me,Tessa :)


and so many more.. I can't remember all..

(Big Apple Donuts oh..)

Oh yeah! I also met the two person who always call me MOMOK.
Well, at least they are nice to me now.

I had so much fun!! It was really great to meet them again. A lot has changed since I left All Saints.. the TOILET also got a lot nicer. haha.

When it was time to go home, I was really sad. I saw them went home one by one.. The first one who went home was Azue. I was so sad watching her.. I wonder when will I meet her again.. And the others!


Their class T-shirts are really cool!

(: All shots were taken by Nur Zulaikha Zaki

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