Friday, September 30, 2011

I Thank Jesus :)

Not much for today's update actually.. I just want to say how much I thank God for what I achieved. Today, I finally found out my ranking in the class for my last test. Oh God, I can't believe this.. I got no. 10 ! That was my target ! I never reach any of my target before ! The feelings you get for reaching your target is something you cannot explain.. Thank you, Jesus ! However, I still failed my History and Account . If only I passed them, what ranking I would be? So, anyway.. this means that I should not feel satisfied enough. When I feel like this, I'm not gonna work harder. And then, my result will slip down. I don't want that !

Remember the girl I talked about that cheated in last test and she got no. 1 in class and ALSO IN ALL FORM 4 ? I beat her in English ! Haha ! She always thinks that her English is better than everyone else. See what happens when you keep bragging? She had always been my competition since we started this year. And now, I beat her! Anyway, praise God for my marks.

So, about our outing with Mr. Ronald (yeah, I'm gonna start calling him that now). He had confirmed that our outing will be on the 8th of October which is Saturday. But he said he do not want it to be at Rasa Ria because he said there's a gale at the beach. So we are going to choose the place.

That's all for today :D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Warning !

W A R N I N G ! Pesanan dari PDRM ; Jika anda memandu diwaktu malam dan cermin kereta dilempar telur ayam jangan on wiper atau pancut air.Terus memandu dgn apa yg mampu dilihat hingga tiba di tempat selamat. Ini kerana jika telur ayam bercampur air ia akan menjadi susu dan akan mengaburkan 92.5% tahap penglihatan kita yang akan memaksa kita berhenti. Disitulah kita akan menjadi mangsa perompak. Inilah teknik baru yg digunakan perompak dijalanan. - Polis DiRaja Malaysia... 


I Was Intimidated By My Own Hand

There was this one night when I woke up in the middle of the night. I forgot when was it. Now, have you ever felt numb on some part of your body that you could not move it and you don't even feel it when you touch it? That night, I could not felt my right arm. It was because I was putting my head on my arm during the time I was sleeping. Then, when I woke up to adjust my body, I felt something fell on my face. I grabbed it with my left hand and I slowly opened my eyes to figure out what it was. As I opened my eyes, I realized that I was holding a human arm! I was freaking out and tried to throw it away. However, I realized that it was my right arm! It felt so numb that I could not even felt it. Hahah!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Letter From God

My dear, dear Child,
   Oh, how I love you! I long for you to spend eternity with Me. I've been diligently preparing a place for you in My perfect Kingdom. You'll love it. You don't have the capacity to even imagine what it's like, but someday you'll be living here with Me in person. That is . . . if you let me have total control of your life.
   I know you can't comprehend how very much I love you, but I'm hoping you'll know that My death was specifically for you. That's right. Even though that you've heard that I died for the world at large, I want you to understand it was really for you! You see. . . if you had been the only person in all the world, I still would have chosen to leave the glory and splendor of heaven to come to earth and experience the torture I endured. . .just for you. I love you that much.
   You are my pride and joy! I dream such big dreams for you! I want to do extraordinary things with your life. But, my child, I need all of you. I won't force you to give me your life. I love you too much to control your decisions, but I yearn for you to trust me with your all.
   My child, I am perfect, and my Kingdom is perfect. Therefore, I cannot allow sin into my Kingdom. Knowing, however, that you were born with sin, I gave myself-in the form of my Son-to pay the price for you, so you could spend eternity with me. It's my ultimate gift to you. You can't earn it, and you can't buy it. I simply want to give it to you. But again. . . I won't force you to accept it. You have to make that decision on your own.
   Please choose to follow me, my child. I love you more than life itself. And I'm working diligently on our eternal home.

     Your heavenly Father,

Know It!
God is crazy about you and has gone to great lengths to let you know it. How will you respond?

Read It!
Psalms 19:1; Jeremiah 31:35-37; John 3:16

Pray It!
Give God your all and ask Him to help you begin living in radical obedience to his lordship.

Letter From Satan (Part 2)

Hey, Christian!
   Yeah, I'll go ahead and call you that. I know you like it, but you have no clue what Christianity is really about. If you did, you wouldn't be hanging out with me and listening to the lies I've so carefully crafted. Ha! You're such an idiot.
   Do you have any idea how much I loathe you? Do you know I'm working overtime to make sure you spend eternity with me in hell? Yeah, you've heard about hell. I talk it up as the big eternity party place. And you know what's funny? You've believed me! I heard you telling someone last week, "Maybe hell won't be so bad: I mean, I'll finally get to do what I want."
   You moron! That's what I  want you to believe. But I have a big surprise for you. Hell will be nothing like that! It will be eternal damnation. People will be in physical, emotional, spiritual and mental torment forever. And I'll be laughing my head off! Party time? No way. You won't even want to open your eyes to see who's standing next to you. The demons will surround you in fear and torment and mockery.
   Why am I even bothering to write you? I'm sending you a sarcastic letter of thanks for letting me use you for most of you foolish life. You are so gullible. You have no idea how much I laugh at you throughout every day. When I tempt you to sin, you give in. HA! HA! HA! You make me sick. You're so stinking weak!
   Sin is beginning to take its toll on your life. You're angry-Bitter. Obsessed with stupid things. . . like your weight and people liking you. If you had any idea how temporary that stuff is! But I've got you convinced it's really important. I am so good at what I do.
   Of course, morons like you make my job really easy. If you were smart, you'd run somewhere, confess your sins, and live for God with what little time you have left. What a stupid jerk you are! I HATE YOU!

Know It!
Satan will try to convince you that wrong is right and right is stupid. Don't listen to him. Keep your eyes focused on Jesus and your ears tuned in to the Holy Spirit.

Read It!
Zechariah 3:2; Mark 4:15; Romans 16:20; James 4:7-8

Pray It!
Ask God to help you memorize Scripture, so when you're tempted by Satan you can use the Bible as ammunition.

Letter From Satan (Part 1)

Hey, Christian!
   I saw you yesterday as you climbed out of bed and started your daily routine. You began the day without praying. I kept watching you-expecting you at least to pray for your meals-but you didn't. I like the fact that you're so ungrateful.
   You stupid idiot! You're mine . . . and you don't even  know it! You think you're a Christian because you go to church, but you never committed your life to Christ. You've never let your "Christianity" affect choices you make. Ha! But I have you believing you're His. I've fooled you!
   You and I go way back. We've been going steady for years . . . and I hate you! Do you realize that? I hate you because I hate God. I'm only using you to get even with Him. He kicked me out of heaven, and I'm going to use you as long as possible to pay Him back.
   You're so stupid! You don't even realize how much God loves you; that He has great plans in store for you. Ha! You've yielded your life to me, and I'm going to make your life a living hell.
   And the best part about this relationship is that you don't even realize you've yielded to me. You don't get it, do you? That by not giving your all to Jesus Christ, you end up by following me by default. And you know what's really funny? Most of the time, I have convinced you that I don't even exist!
   Thanks to you, I'm showing God who's really boss in your life. We've been having some great times, haven't we? I love watching those dirty movies with you, cussing people out when they cut in front of you on the road, lying, being hypocritical, messing around sexually, gossiping, telling-off-color jokes, stabbing people in the back, disrespecting stupid adults and moronic leaders.
   I'm relieved that you don't want to give this up. We're having a great time, aren't we? And what's really funny is the fact that you don't have a clue I'm doing all this to destroy you! Ha! You think we're just having fun. But I have eternal plans for you!

Know It!
Satan will do anything to get your attention of off Christ. Remember. . . you can't be spiritually neutral. You're either living for God or you're following Satan by default.

Read It!
Luke 10:18; 2 Corinthians 11:14; Ephesians 6:10-18; 1 Peter 5:8-9

Pray It!
In the name of Jesus Christ, pray that Satan will leave you alone. Ask God to give you strength to overcome temptation.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

So Sad, My Two Lovable Teachers Are Leaving ;(

Why are the good one always has to leave? I'm really sad. Sir Ronald and Teacher Janet had taught us for three months now. Why only three months? Well, it's because they were only practical teachers on the meantime, that's why. The whole class have a really strong bond between those two teachers. Actually, I honestly feel the bond  with Sir Ronald more than Teacher Janet. Now guys, don't get this wrong. I don't like him like that. It's just that he helped our class so much that he was willing to come on Saturday just to help us to paint our class. And of course, he taught English for our class. Yeah, as you may know it, it's my favourite subject. And I can feel that GBS connected more with him than everyone else. Atui, perasan juga. Yeah, that's why I feel closer to Sir Ronald than Teacher Janet. But, that doesn't mean I don't like her. I love Teacher Janet.. It's just that she didn't spend more time with us. Our class were pulling away from her. Besides, she only taught us for a while. I was quite jealous that the 4UTM class are closer to Teacher Janet

Anyway, all the best for them!

Sir Ronald
Teacher Janet

You guys will be missed so much !


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tests Had Passed and Results Are Here

It has been two weeks since my last test. Now that I just got back to school after a week Hari Raya holidays, my results are here. Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. Well, not all actually. I haven't got all my papers yet. So far, I've got my Maths, Economy, Account, Geography, Bahasa Malaysia, Civic and Science. I'm quite sad I was not able to reach my target. But here is my biggest shock of all.. So, get ready. To the people who knows me really well, they'll know that my biggest weakness and fear is Maths. So do you want to know what did I get for my Maths? Brace yourself guys.

I get,


Hahahaha!! I know, I know! It was shocking to me as well.. I remember that I was literally laughing when my teacher passed up my paper to me. No kidding.

Don't be so shocked la.. Actually it was only a test. Not an exam. Maths only came out on Chapter 6: Statistics. So it was pretty easy. Hahaha.. Not so shocking anymore? I'm glad it was all cleared out. However, I didn't expect to get a 100%. It's still quite shocking for me you know.
Okay.. blah blah blah.. I'm going to stop bragging now. I'm just going to give praise and thanks to the Lord.

every good thing comes a bad thing.

I don't know.. I'm just saying that.

So, my other subjects..
Economy: D
Account: E
Geography: B
Civic: C
Science: D

and waiting for the other papers..

I'm looking forward to my English paper. My favourite.

It's not that I was not studying. I just can't remember what I read. I don't know why. Well, I'm going to try my best for my coming excel. 

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