Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tests Had Passed and Results Are Here

It has been two weeks since my last test. Now that I just got back to school after a week Hari Raya holidays, my results are here. Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. Well, not all actually. I haven't got all my papers yet. So far, I've got my Maths, Economy, Account, Geography, Bahasa Malaysia, Civic and Science. I'm quite sad I was not able to reach my target. But here is my biggest shock of all.. So, get ready. To the people who knows me really well, they'll know that my biggest weakness and fear is Maths. So do you want to know what did I get for my Maths? Brace yourself guys.

I get,


Hahahaha!! I know, I know! It was shocking to me as well.. I remember that I was literally laughing when my teacher passed up my paper to me. No kidding.

Don't be so shocked la.. Actually it was only a test. Not an exam. Maths only came out on Chapter 6: Statistics. So it was pretty easy. Hahaha.. Not so shocking anymore? I'm glad it was all cleared out. However, I didn't expect to get a 100%. It's still quite shocking for me you know.
Okay.. blah blah blah.. I'm going to stop bragging now. I'm just going to give praise and thanks to the Lord.

every good thing comes a bad thing.

I don't know.. I'm just saying that.

So, my other subjects..
Economy: D
Account: E
Geography: B
Civic: C
Science: D

and waiting for the other papers..

I'm looking forward to my English paper. My favourite.

It's not that I was not studying. I just can't remember what I read. I don't know why. Well, I'm going to try my best for my coming excel. 

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