Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Back to School Again !

Hello, readers. Happy New Year! To the ones who are working, switch your holidays mode to business mode! And to the ones who are schooling, switch your holidays mode to school mode, which I certainly understand that it's quite hard. Blehh. Anyway, I can't believe I'm 17 this year! Well, praise God for that. Like I said, it's kind of sad leaving 2011 because there were so much memories there. However, I really need to welcome 2012 in my heart now. Besides, it's a fresh start right? Who doesn't like a fresh start? 2011 is great but I'm going to make 2012 to be even greater! With God by my side, nothing is impossible! 
So, it was my first day of school today. It was great. I met all my friends again and let me tell you this, when we get together, all we want to do is laugh. Ha! Ha! Ha! It has been two months since I met them yet none of them change a bit. Oh wait, some of them do change! But in a good way I guess.. May has stopped cussing, Ququ really strived to achieve her goal and Ernie really want to prove us that she would finished up all her homework. Oh, what about me? Well, um.. I'm going to concentrate more on what the teacher is saying. I  mean, not that I don't hear what the teachers are saying before but this time, I really want to focus like seriously. Yeah, I was trying to do that just now and I sat on the second line from front and I don't even hear what the teacher was saying. I was really frustrated because apparently, my classmates have something more interesting to say. Almost the whole class did not even bothered to listen the teacher. Don't they even care about this? I mean, it's our SPM year! Whatever, if they would continue their chit-chat in class, the competition would be really easy. All I have to do is to read what I have learned at home and it will guarantee me a top 5 in class. They don't care? Well, I care. 
Anyway, I'm thankful and grateful that I'm in Form 5 now and I'm officially 17 in May this year. Some people may not take time to realize this but not all people get to be in my place now. So, let us be grateful for EDUCATION !

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