Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait, what ?

Oh yeah, correction.. The closing ceremony for Language Month was not last Saturday. I'm sorry for giving you dear readers a wrong information. So yeah, the result for my public speaking, which I have waited so long, have not come out yet. Also the result for choir and choral speaking competition. I have been waiting for the results too but the closing ceremony of Language Month would be next week. I'm not sure what day. However, I heard that for choir in Bahasa Malaysia competition, our class, 5 UM, won. Huh? Seriously? We sang "Kau Ilhamku" and we won? Oh, okay.. Praise the Lord! 
So, speaking of Language Month.. Today was the English and Bahasa Malaysia drama competition. The emcee was supposed to be my friend, May but since she went home for something I'm not really sure of, Teacher Elly picked ME to be the emcee! "Susan, since May went home, you will be the emcee for today," Teacher Elly said.  I was like, "Wait, what?" Well, I can't argue since Teacher Elly had chosen me to be the president of English Language Club in my school. So, I have to take the responsibilities. When I think about it, this is really the first time I held a very important position in something. So I'm really grateful to God that at least, before leaving school, I learned something about leadership. Sigh. Final year. 
Anyway, I have no idea I have so many problems when talking in front of a huge crowd of people. Sheesh! I stammered in every sentence. But for me, it all went well. Ernie took part in the drama and played the role of an angry teacher. Hahah! She really managed to carry the role well. That's all. Gotta go eat dinner. Bye !

emcee ? XD

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Language Month

For this Bulan Bahasa (Language Month) , I have participated in four competitions so far. 

1. Public speaking
2. Debate
3. Choir (with the whole class)
4. Choral Speaking (also with the whole class)

1. Actually, I did not planned on participating for debates. However, since my class, 5UM, did not have enough participant for debate just now, they told me to participate. It was a wreck! My goodness! I knew I shouldn't follow my heart! My heart told me to go along but my mind said the other way around. 
Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Although we didn't do that good.. We had a reaally good laugh! Joanne was more like doing a comedy on stage rather than having a debate. Oh, how I wish I have the pictures!

2. So when the debate has ended, Teacher Elly called Sarah, Shafarina and I about the public speaking. It turns out, we are chosen for the second public speaking - impromptu speech. We will be given four minutes to prepare our speech based on whatever topics we will be given. We will be doing it in the staff room, whenever Teacher Elly feels like to. That means, I have to prepare to be called every second.

3. So, about the choir. We had our optional competition last Monday. We sang "Leaving on A Jet Plane" and "Oh Carol". On the optional competition, all classes from Form 3 until Form 5 would compete with each other and the Top 5 would go to the finals, which is on the closing ceremony of Bulan Bahasa this Saturday on the 25th. The Top 5 was revealed on the next day - which was yesterday. To our surprise, we are on the Top 5! I literally laughed out loud when our class was mention. No, I am not kidding. 

4. Last but not least, the CHORAL SPEAKING ! Note that I put on all capital letters for the words choral speaking ? It's because I'm sooo excited for it! Yippieee! Do you know that today was the optional competition and on this very day, we had our FIRST practice? Plus, it went PERFECTLY well? Oh, how beautiful the team works we had today! Long-story-short, we are going to the final! YEAH!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is Beauty ?

Well, what is beauty actually? Is it to have eyes at a certain distance with each other? Is it to have a nose with a certain height? Is it to have smooth and silky skin? Is it to be in a certain height or a certain weight? Of course not! Beauty is much more than that! But these are the stereotype beauty that the world has invented. People throughout the entire world had already misunderstood the true definition of beauty.

It's so sad to think that people actually believe this. They thought beauty is all about the outside. But the truth is, it's not. Maybe you are even one of them who believe this. 

And how does it affect people that had misunderstood the perception of beauty? 
People, especially young girls often feel down about themselves when they feel that they could not achieve that kind of beauty. They will go crazy when having a bad hair day, or when having pimples breakout, or when they gain weight. Not only young girls but also men and women. Stereotype beauty forces them to do plastic surgery. Why do you think they did that? It's because they want to be beautiful, that's why. Not just beautiful but perfectly beautiful since they know that nobody is perfect. But remember, imperfection makes each of you here unique in your own way.

Of course there's nothing wrong with being beautiful and keeping ourselves attractive but if that's what controls our life, we will be left very empty inside - and even more so as the years take their toll on our body. For instance, if we fall in love with someone just because of their looks, how will we continue to love that person when that person grows old and doesn't look so attractive anymore? That is why, what matters most is what's within you.

If we are only loved for our physical beauty, we will never feel truly loved because that is not the real person. Let people admire you for your wonderful personality and your wonderful character and most of all, your beautiful heart. Just be yourself and just be happy with how God had made you because there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. God never makes a mistake. Therefore, you, you and you were not a mistake when God had made you.

Now that you know what beauty really means, remember this wherever you go - whether you are big or small, tall or short, fat or skinny - like me , you are beautiful no matter what! As Selena Gomez said in her song, "Who says you're not beautiful?" I'm sure all of you know that song, right? Well, maybe not all of you. I will be glad to sing that song for you ! If this is a singing competition, but it's not.. so never mind. The important thing is the message that Selena had given through that song. Also, when someone says you're ugly or criticise about how you look like, be fearless and say, "I am beautiful no matter what!"

You are now ready to conquer your beauty. But there's one more thing that's missing. That is, your smile. Because beauty may be your power, but a smile is always its sword. 

Thank you for lending your ears. Have a great day!

Of Valentine's and Public Speaking Competition

Okay, updates ! 
I'm sorry I didn't post something here on Valentine's Day since I saw that everyone seem to be posting about Valentine's Day.. I've been really busy. Besides, nothing really interesting happened to me that day. It's just that I miss my friends back at All Saints. sigh. Of course I love my friends here in St. John though, but when we hugged each other while wishing Happy Valentine's Day , I remember how I used to do that with my friends in All Saints.. We even gave each other something like a small card or chocolates. I miss them so much and it has been soo long .. But yeah, it doesn't mean that I don't love my friends here in St. John now.. Anyway, I was actually going to post here about what happened yesterday. Yesterday was my public speaking competition. I'm sorry , I should have told you earlier but I felt something wrong in me to tell everyone something before it happens. I did this before and when the day actually came, something ALWAYS goes wrong. Ugh. Oh yeah, back to my story.. Well, I did pretty good I guess. I stopped a few times during my speech to refer a bit on my speech paper. I know it's disappointing but everyone did that too.. Just saying. Well, everyone except one.. Shafarina. She was so good. Sigh. Although the result will come out on the closing ceremony of Bulan Bahasa (Language Month) - which is on the 25th of Feb, I heard that I actually won third place! But I'm not sure whether it's true or not. Shafarina told me that she heard it from one of the judges' son. Pn. Yeow's son. God, please let it be true. However, Pn. Yeow's son didn't tell her who got the first place. I think I know why. It's because SHE is actually the winner of public speaking competition. That's why she weren't told. How I wish I was as good as her! Or perhaps, better than her! URGH ! But, it's okay. Congrats to her by the way. Oh yeah, if you want to know what was my speech about, look at the next post. Thanks :D

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Do You Believe in Miracles ?

The three most shocking word I heard today in the church. "We've been robbed".
And I was like' "No way.."

After Br. Jalfin announced the duties for next week , he then said ,"Oh yeah , before I forgot , I want to tell all of you that something happened last Wednesday. This church had been entered by thieves." Of course , I was told by Hannah before that so I wasn't so shocked. But it was still shocking when I heard it from Hannah .. So , Br. Jalfin told us THREE of the padlocks were damaged , one was seriously bent . He got a phone call from the person downstairs and as he got there , the door was wide opened. But to my surprise, to EVERYONE surprise, not one thing form the church was taken. There are so many valuable things in the church. Electric guitar, LCD projector, bass guitar, microphones, floor fans, speakers, hard disc .. You name it.. But why ? Why didn't the thieves took anything ? This remain a mystery. The next door of our church was entered by thieves too. That place had so much worse damages .. They probably robbed that place too. I'm not sure how bad but according to Br. Jalfin, it looked worse than our church. I couldn't stop thinking about it.. Well, there is only one explanation. GOD. I have no idea what exactly happened but I believe God had protected the church. I began to imagine lots of stuff when the thieves entered our church.. What if the thieves saw angels in the church ? What if they saw GOD Himself ? Wouldn't it be so cool ? I know, I know... I'm going too far. But you have to admit it's possible, right ? Besides, my mother used to saw a very handsome young man coming out from my sister's car before.. which my sister doesn't even know what my mother was talking about. My sister, Nora, thought it was a ghost but that young man was really handsome said my mother. It couldn't be a ghost she said.. She believe it was an angel guarding her until Nora arrived home. My other sister, Cory, opened the gate for Nora so she can park the car in front of our house. I asked my sister,  Cory if she saw the man. She didn't. Only my mother saw that man. She said she always pray for my sister, Nora for her protection since she always came home late. It must be an angel ! No doubt about it ! God is AMAZING ! (FYI, my mum had no record of being hallucinating before.)

Even though the devils are messing with us, God's name will always be lifted up ! Thank God for whatever situation you're in - good or bad ! Hallelujah !

I don't care if you want to believe or not. The important thing is, I have done my job to share God's awesomeness to you ! God be with you :)

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