Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sharpening My Skill

Hello everyone ! Do you miss me ? Sorry, I've been busy lately. It was my exam last week.
Well, it's my first semester holiday this entire week so it's the perfect time to sharpen my skill. What skill? Sketching and drawing! Well, first I didn't know that I have this great talent. It all started when I saw Allison Harvard from America's Next Top Model cycle 17. I was drawn by her looks. She looks like a doll. Ever since I saw her on TV, I felt this kind of sense that I need to draw her. It was like I was so drawn with her eyes. Just look !

Allison Harvard
I mean, of course she's an ordinary person like us too but there's something about her that makes me drawn to her. The same way when I saw Mount Kinabalu in my land, Sabah, Malaysia. 

It can be seen from various places in Kota Kinabalu including my village, Tuaran.

Mount Kinabalu from Pekan Nabalu

Beautiful, isn't it?
One day, I'm gonna sit in front of the Mount Kinabalu view and paint it.

And that's exactly how I felt when I saw Allison. It's something I cannot explain.

So, I sketched her,

I'm so proud of myself. Hahah !

Then, I sketched Taylor Swift,

Then, my friend, Joanne, dare me to sketch her.. So I did !


I didn't realize she is beautiful until I draw her.

Like, seriously.

So, I've got 11 more to sketch. They'll treat me when I finish their portrait ! Hahaha :D

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  1. THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It's amazing to see your talent shine even in your beginnings.


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