Friday, December 28, 2012

List of My Favourite Memories in 2012 :]

Hello fellow readers! Just want to say this has been a really wonderful year. And in a few more days, this year would come to an end and we'll be entering a new year. Hello, 2013! :] I remember saying to myself last year, on the night of New Year's eve that I love 2011 'cause it's great but I'm going to make 2012 even more wonderful. Guess what? It became true. So many things have happened this year. I'm having a mixed feelings to leave this year. Ahhh! But anyway, God is good you know.. You'll never know what's ahead of you. Isn't it pleasant to know that the best thing in your life hasn't happened yet? Yeah, I'm looking forward to that! Yeeeeeaaaah!!! Jeezzz.. When did time flies so fast? I feel like the first day of school for my senior year is still fresh on my mind.. I really feel like it was just yesterday! Anyway, I'm gonna list out my favourite memories from this year. Ready? Here we go!

  • I got chosen by Mrs. Elly Darliza to be the president of English Club in our school. That was unexpected!
  • Participated in a Public Speaking competition in our school and won 2nd place!
  • Participated in a fashion show where you design your clothes using waste materials during "❤ The Environment Month". I won 2nd place.
I looked ridiculous
  • Our class participated for Bahasa Malaysia choir competition and we won 1st place!!!
  • Finally getting to know each of my classmates personally. Like really close! Especially Ah Ming! :)
  • Auditioned to perform for our school charity concert but didn't make it. But I was told that I sing good. Mehh.. It was a fun experience anyway.
  • Fall in love with a guy and finally got a boyfriend for the first time.
  • I learned that a relationship without commitment really does mean nothing and God told me to end the relationship. It lasted for less than two months. I didn't regret listening to God. I will never be in a relationship ever again if that guy is not send by God to me.
  • Finally glad that I'm single and realised that having a meaningless relationship is not worth it.
  • God gave my dad a second chance to live after his leg got amputated. We almost lost him but God healed him in a miraculous way. (Check out my last posts)
  • Got my tooth pulled out and since then, I promise to myself not to let myself go to the dentist again. Last time I went to the dentist I think I was nine years old. I forgot how painful it is to pull out a tooth. So kids, take good care of your teeth. I mean it!
  • Found out a hidden talent of mine.. Drawing realistic portraits! (I made money from this)
Some of my portrait drawings

  • Ryan Higa the famous youtuber, singer Colbie Caillat, Kevjumba the famous youtuber/vlogger and Tiffany Alvord a well known youtube singer... 

..these four noticed the portraits of them that I drew via Twitter. 

Guess what? THEY LOVE IT! :D

I was in a conversation with @elainehiganinja and Ryan saw the tweet with his portrait

  • Smosh is one of my favourite youtubers. Well, two actually.. Smosh is two people. Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox. :) They are funny! Check 'em out!
Left: Anthony Padilla, Right: Ian Hecox
Anyway, what I wanted to say about Smosh was....

This is on my second account. @TheRealSusanRay. My first account is @Sansan_Ray.
  • Getting interactions in Twitter from the people that I admire such as..

D-Trix : youtuber & a contestant of "So You Think You Can Dance"

Lauren Froderman. Winner of "So You Think You Can Dance Season 7" and also girlfriend of D-Trix.


KassemG : youtuber and one of the judges in Internet Icon along with Ryan Higa & Christine Lakin

random tweet.. LOL!

  • Finally got that little voice out of my head that says I'm not worthy to give my youth sharing to the people in church. I realised that because of God's grace, I am worthy in God's eyes!
  • Understanding the concept of "live for God" and "live in God". 
  • Learning the importance of forgiveness and putting away my ego when I was arguing with my friend, May.
  • Improving in my weakest subject a lot trough tuition which is Mathematics. From D to B! Impressive huh?
  • Getting trough my biggest exam of my school life. Our national exam -- SPM!
  • Sending my artworks for the school magazine.
  • Got chosen for National Service Programme that starts on the 4th of January 2013. It's for three months. Bye guys! (I hate the fact that I got chosen)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Dad's Miraculous Divine Healing (Part 3)

Going to the surgery room

The doctors finally got my Dad's condition to be stable and they can finally proceed with the surgery. The doctors said that he will be having 50% chance of not waking up after the surgery and if he did wake up, he would be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 'cause the effect from the surgery will be really strong and his weak body may not stand it. They said it's something like "body trauma". I don't know..
However, Hallelujah! The surgery went well and he didn't get admitted to the ICU. Everything was fine with him! How did that happen? Only one explanation. God. 

Dad is getting so much better now. Long-story-short, Dad was allowed to go home only after TWO weeks at the hospital! That's weird. He almost died and he can leave after TWO weeks ONLY!? God is good. Hallelujah! Praise God! He's on a wheelchair now but he is happier than he used to be! He eats so much now. Sometimes, two plates of rice are not enough! He even said, "I forgot how delicious food is." And by that he means since the last TWO years. He might be skinny but he is gaining a few kilograms I think. I really really want to thank God for everything. He is amazing! At some point I questioned the situation, "God, why must this happens to us?" But now I see that God is able to help those who cry out to Him. I believe each of you who prayed for him and our strength in the family has been heard by God. I pray that God will bless you for your kindness and concern. It's the only thing I can do to return the favour.

We had a small feast and invited close relatives to thank God the night Dad got home

I love God so much. He has been really good to me. To us! And believe it or not, He is good to you too! But if you're struggling with something now, just hold on to your faith in Him and keep on praying and ask for His guidance and His strength to endure. Don't give up and don't blame Him for everything. I promise you, if you do these things, you WILL see how good God is!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Dad's Miraculous Divine Healing (Part 2)

It was around 12 am when Jonathan and Nora got home. My Mum was at the hospital with my Dad. Cory and I quickly got ready to go there immediately at the emergency room in Hospital Queen Elizabeth. We were waiting outside the emergency room and we arrived probably around 1 am. The doctor said my Dad was in a really critical condition and he also said that his blood pressure and his sugar level was really low. That was why he was shivering. He was hypo. A short term for hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is an abnormally diminished content of glucose in the blood. (Our family always have this problem) The doctor told us that his heart was infected by the germs and bacteria and his heart was really weak and it could stop beating any moment. I felt like it was the darkest day of my life. I couldn't bear to think that the doctor would walk out from the emergency room any moment and say, "I'm sorry but we lost him." Mum cried. I cried. I couldn't understand how Nora, Jonathan and Cory was really strong because I felt like I was really devastated. How did God gave them so much strength? I couldn't comprehend.. Maybe because I was pulling myself away from God that time. So together as a family, we prayed outside the emergency room and pray as hard as we could. We didn't even care about people looking at us. I remember praying, "God please don't take him. Please you have done so many miracles in so many lives, please let it happen in our family," and many more but I don't remember. I know I shouldn't pray that way because if God really wants to take my Dad it's His plan. I guess I was too selfish. I couldn't bear to lose him.

Oh before that, the doctor asked if we agree on cutting his leg because they said they need to get rid of the source of the infection. I was really shocked. But it's the only way for him to survive but it wasn't necessarily going to succeed but it's the best way to do. All of us agree except...... my Dad. 
My Dad on the night he got admitted at the emergency room with Mum and Jonathan
Four doctors came to him to tell him that it's the best way to save his life but he still didn't want to. After a long talk with everyone, he said he will decide in the morning. So after a few hours, we went home and left Mum and Cory at the hospital to take care of my Dad. We got home around 4 am and I fell asleep at 5 am. We woke up at 6.30 am and went to the hospital again. You can tell that I didn't get much sleep. So finally, my Dad agreed on the surgery to cut his leg. The doctors will proceed with the surgery after the doctors get him to be in a stable condition.

My Dad's Miraculous Divine Healing (Part 1)

This started months ago. Probably it was on October. The reason I didn't post it here was because I was in a really fragile condition and I wasn't strong enough. I don't even feel like laughing or even smile. It was like my life was falling apart. You know, I kinda feel depressed. You know when you say, "Oh, I'm so depressed. My mum wouldn't let me do this and that.." or etc.. That's not depressed. That's just frustrated or sad. Depressed is when you don't feel like talking, eating, doing anything and just wanna crawl in your bed and sleep.. all day long. That was me.

Anyway, my Dad is diabetic. His left feet was swollen and the doctor said he has gotten an infection from the wound on his leg. The infection was really bad and it had spread in his body. Here's a picture of his feet. 

That's bad isn't it? My sister took this in the emergency room.

How did he got in the emergency room? It all started this one night. 
My dad's health condition was getting worse day by day. He had been using all those health products every single day that was given by a friend of my Dad because his friend said it cured him from the same problem as my Dad. However, my Dad didn't get any better. In fact, he was getting really worse. REALLY REALLY WORSE. My Dad's enzyme in his stomach had been disturbed by the bacteria from the infection and that made him lost his appetite. According to him, he said all the food tastes like tissues. Everytime he ate something, he vomits. My Dad had gotten really skinny and pale. He had no energy to wake up or even sit. Imagine me as his daughter looking at his condition like that. How would you feel if you're me? So this one night, I was on Twitter and suddenly, my Dad shivered really really bad. I was basically sweating because it's hot and I didn't understand what happened to my Dad. I was worried. But my Mum was a lot more worried. She put a jacket on him and two blankets. He was still shivering. Like..really bad. Mum told me to straight away go to the room and take the hair dryer to warm him up. I quickly do as she said. Still shivering, I don't know what to do and pray. I prayed really hard and I asked everyone on Twitter to pray for my Dad. I really appreciate each of them. I just want to thank all of them. But it didn't get any better. Mum was beside him and she gave him warm water and suddenly, "ESSOOOON!" (Eson is my brother's nickname, Jonathan) My Mum called out to my brother she was tearing up grabbing my Dad's head. I quickly turned to him and jumped from the couch. So does Nora, my sister. My Dad's eyes rolled up and fainted on the couch. We were panicked. I called my sister, Cory upstairs to quickly go downstairs. My Dad was concious a few seconds but his mind was somewhere else. We talked to him and he just looked at us blankly and didn't say a word. So Jonathan, Nora and Mum send him to the hospital immediately. It was around 10 pm I think.. Cory and I were left in the house. I felt like falling apart and I wasn't strong enough so I cried and I cried and I cried. All I could say to God was, "Lord, please don't take my Dad." Honestly, I was not ready to lose my Dad. 

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