Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Dad's Miraculous Divine Healing (Part 1)

This started months ago. Probably it was on October. The reason I didn't post it here was because I was in a really fragile condition and I wasn't strong enough. I don't even feel like laughing or even smile. It was like my life was falling apart. You know, I kinda feel depressed. You know when you say, "Oh, I'm so depressed. My mum wouldn't let me do this and that.." or etc.. That's not depressed. That's just frustrated or sad. Depressed is when you don't feel like talking, eating, doing anything and just wanna crawl in your bed and sleep.. all day long. That was me.

Anyway, my Dad is diabetic. His left feet was swollen and the doctor said he has gotten an infection from the wound on his leg. The infection was really bad and it had spread in his body. Here's a picture of his feet. 

That's bad isn't it? My sister took this in the emergency room.

How did he got in the emergency room? It all started this one night. 
My dad's health condition was getting worse day by day. He had been using all those health products every single day that was given by a friend of my Dad because his friend said it cured him from the same problem as my Dad. However, my Dad didn't get any better. In fact, he was getting really worse. REALLY REALLY WORSE. My Dad's enzyme in his stomach had been disturbed by the bacteria from the infection and that made him lost his appetite. According to him, he said all the food tastes like tissues. Everytime he ate something, he vomits. My Dad had gotten really skinny and pale. He had no energy to wake up or even sit. Imagine me as his daughter looking at his condition like that. How would you feel if you're me? So this one night, I was on Twitter and suddenly, my Dad shivered really really bad. I was basically sweating because it's hot and I didn't understand what happened to my Dad. I was worried. But my Mum was a lot more worried. She put a jacket on him and two blankets. He was still shivering. Like..really bad. Mum told me to straight away go to the room and take the hair dryer to warm him up. I quickly do as she said. Still shivering, I don't know what to do and pray. I prayed really hard and I asked everyone on Twitter to pray for my Dad. I really appreciate each of them. I just want to thank all of them. But it didn't get any better. Mum was beside him and she gave him warm water and suddenly, "ESSOOOON!" (Eson is my brother's nickname, Jonathan) My Mum called out to my brother she was tearing up grabbing my Dad's head. I quickly turned to him and jumped from the couch. So does Nora, my sister. My Dad's eyes rolled up and fainted on the couch. We were panicked. I called my sister, Cory upstairs to quickly go downstairs. My Dad was concious a few seconds but his mind was somewhere else. We talked to him and he just looked at us blankly and didn't say a word. So Jonathan, Nora and Mum send him to the hospital immediately. It was around 10 pm I think.. Cory and I were left in the house. I felt like falling apart and I wasn't strong enough so I cried and I cried and I cried. All I could say to God was, "Lord, please don't take my Dad." Honestly, I was not ready to lose my Dad. 

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