Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Dad's Miraculous Divine Healing (Part 3)

Going to the surgery room

The doctors finally got my Dad's condition to be stable and they can finally proceed with the surgery. The doctors said that he will be having 50% chance of not waking up after the surgery and if he did wake up, he would be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) 'cause the effect from the surgery will be really strong and his weak body may not stand it. They said it's something like "body trauma". I don't know..
However, Hallelujah! The surgery went well and he didn't get admitted to the ICU. Everything was fine with him! How did that happen? Only one explanation. God. 

Dad is getting so much better now. Long-story-short, Dad was allowed to go home only after TWO weeks at the hospital! That's weird. He almost died and he can leave after TWO weeks ONLY!? God is good. Hallelujah! Praise God! He's on a wheelchair now but he is happier than he used to be! He eats so much now. Sometimes, two plates of rice are not enough! He even said, "I forgot how delicious food is." And by that he means since the last TWO years. He might be skinny but he is gaining a few kilograms I think. I really really want to thank God for everything. He is amazing! At some point I questioned the situation, "God, why must this happens to us?" But now I see that God is able to help those who cry out to Him. I believe each of you who prayed for him and our strength in the family has been heard by God. I pray that God will bless you for your kindness and concern. It's the only thing I can do to return the favour.

We had a small feast and invited close relatives to thank God the night Dad got home

I love God so much. He has been really good to me. To us! And believe it or not, He is good to you too! But if you're struggling with something now, just hold on to your faith in Him and keep on praying and ask for His guidance and His strength to endure. Don't give up and don't blame Him for everything. I promise you, if you do these things, you WILL see how good God is!

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