Friday, May 10, 2013

Best Birthday I've Ever Had

So yesterday was my birthday !! :D

I wanted to share something very meaningful thing that I have witnessed during the night before that. Since  the majority of Malaysians opposed the fraud winning of Barisan Nasional(BN) on the General Election 13 and that most Malaysians thinks that democracy is dead(Hence, the black profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter), Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the oppositions, Pakatan Rakyat(PR) held an assembly at Kelana Jaya on the 8th of May, 2013. That was the night before my birthday. I wasn't there so I only witnessed it a bit via livestream but the internet signal was slow so I didn't get to watch the entire assembly. I saw some pictures that were shared from the event.
All I saw was the amount of people that came was truly overwhelming. 
The nation gathered together in unity that I have never seen before. The last time true unity that I saw in Malaysia was when Lee Chong Wei was competing in the London 2012 Olympic against Lin Dan. But this.. THIS is far more overwhelming. I could cry. I did cry a bit though. I'm proud that I was one of the millions of supporters through the internet who couldn't be there. 

When I got home from PLKN, my patriotism level has come to the highest it could ever be. My love for my country is really deep and I'm crushed whenever I see that it has turned upside down by the dirty politicians. Is Anwar Ibrahim is the same politician like the others? Well, a bit. But he is the only one that I've seen that can bring such unity in this country. He is a respectable man. He was even willing to came to the Kelana Jaya Stadium by a motorbike when he was stuck in the traffic jam! Only for the people that were expecting for his appearance! 

What a night. 

I stayed up late that night like I always do and it has passed midnight. That means it was already my birthday! So I was scrolling my Facebook homepage and I found a video from the assembly.. 
Click here to watch. (It's only 1 minute just watch it)

Watched it? Yes. That was what I always wanted. The nation sings the national anthem, "Negaraku" with pure emotions and probably tearing up.. or was I the one was tearing up? That was my wish since I ended PLKN. Why? Because I used to cry during this one time in PLKN singing "Negaraku". I wanted the nation to feel what I felt when singing it. What all of us felt on the camp. And Jesus heard me. I didn't said it out loud but He actually heard me! :') And I couldn't be more grateful that my wish came true. The amazing part was, I witnessed it on my BIRTHDAY! This is the best birthday I've ever had!! 

I basically spend my 18th birthday being a couch potato and eat junk food and spend my time in front of my laptop but it is the most memorable birthday ever. I honestly can't ask anything more! :'D

God is good and amazing and miraculous and He will not let my beloved country fall to pieces. Hallelujah! God is working for the nation! 

Oh yeah.. Smosh, the no.1 most subscribed youtubers tweeted me and..
..wished me a happy birthday! :D but.. really? HBD? Can't you guys spell it out?? :/

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