Thursday, May 30, 2013


I was still on my bed and I'm already awake but I still wanted to be lazy and still lying down. Then suddenly, "PRANNGGG!" I heard the pan fell to the floor. My brother, Jonathan (we call him Eson) shouted to my Dad to stay away from the stove. I jumped out of bed and rushed downstairs. I saw my sister from upstairs did the same when I got out from the room. We found Dad, Mom and Eson at the kitchen in panic and Eson trying to put out the fire on the kitchen stove with water. "Call the firemen!!!," he shouted. They couldn't turned off the gas. My sister called the firemen and she said they told us to stay away from the stove and to get out of the house. Didn't think of anything else, we  got out of the house. Eson was still trying to put out the fire because it couldn't stop burning. My sister, Nora (we call him Asah) shouted to Eson to just get out and leave it. So he did. All of us were waiting for the firemen outside on the road.
The fire actually started because my mother forgot about the food she left on the stove because she was busy washing her clothes and hanging my clothes. MY clothes. It was supposed to be my fault. If I just hangs my clothes earlier, all of these wouldn't happen. That's the first thing I wanted to do actually after I wake up but yeah.. too late, brah!
But do you know what happened while we were at the street outside? My mother. She was all like blaming herself and repeatedly saying, "What is wrong with me!? How could I be so clumsy??" She was in an emotional breakdown. All I could say was to stop blaming herself.  But she said, "It IS my fault!" It was all too much for her and she squats down and covering her face with a small towel and her voice breaks  while praying loudly, "God, look at my clumsiness! Look at what I've done! But God, please be with us at this moment." It was heartbreaking to see her like that.

Asah got a call saying that the firemen has arrived but has trouble finding our house so Eson had to run to the place where the firemen were. While we were waiting, one of our neighbours that lives at the back of our house came with a fire extinguisher. Then after that, the firemen finally came. Everything is alright. We are safe now.

Aunt Didie, Aunt Lucy, cousin Rano and nephew, Boboy came to our house. My sister called them and told what happened.. But before that, let me tell you the story from Aunt Didi's side of the story. They live at the same neighbourhood as us but they live on the apartment side. We live on the terrace side.

Boboy (his real name is Donovan)
Aunt Didi's side of story

Boboy was looking down from the balcony and firemen was coming to the neighbourhood. I saw it and wondering where was the firemen heading to and what happened. Suddenly Boboy shouted, "ESON KA TU!?" (IS THAT ESON!?) "MANA!?" (WHERE!?) Sure enough, Eson was running to the firemen! I tried to call them but nobody answers. Then, Eson called and told what happened. We went down and we wanted to tell my sister what happened but Boboy breaks the ice by yelling, "Mak! Mak! Terbakar! Terbakar!" (Ma! Ma! Fire! Fire!) "MANA!?" she said, shocked! (Where!?) "Rumah Mak Atang terbakar!" (Mak Atang's house is on fire!)

After they came to our house and everything were okay, we had a good laugh talking about it and all their past experience about leaving the stove and other fire incidents. The story about Eson and my cousin, Oboy burning the hill when they were kids is like a legendary story that has been going on for years. Never gets old! Haha!

But in all seriousness, what I learned from this is that my mother is ALWAYS busy. As children we should help our mothers and stop complaining because from what I see, my mother wants to do everything at once. Not one by one, just so she could get some early rest. But a normal human being couldn't do that without messing up. As her child, I should have helped her. But I was still on my bed, not knowing that my mother is already tired from all the work.

Our kitchen is outside because it's too small inside. We live in a house that's not that big but it's a decent house so it's okay. 

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  1. Good thing no one was hurt, and it seems that the fire was quickly put down. Hopefully the damages caused by the fire are now fixed. At least now the household would be more vigilant about fire safety so that things like this doesn’t happen again. Be safe!

    Allen @ Brewer Restoration


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