Monday, December 30, 2013

Reason For The Season

Why hello my beautiful readers! I'm so sorry I didn't update my blog for Christmas. Just so you know, it was a beautiful Christmas. We celebrated it at church and other relatives' house. I didn't asked God for anything this year like I always do though because I feel like I am happy with things that I already have now. Last year, I asked God for a camera. I didn't expect He would actually listened to my prayer and a few days later, my Dad bought me a camera!!! Nobody knows what I prayed to God. I am not lying. Only God and I knew about it. Thank you again, God :)
But this year, it feels like it's time for me to give something to God which are praises and worship to Him to show Him how thankful I am. He has been so good to me this year. Especially when he brought me to UiTM. College life really is the highlight of 2013. You know what people say, it's on the age of 18 where you'll start stepping on the real world. The experiences that I had there and the amazing people I have known... especially the lecturers! Yay to Miss Julie (in case you're reading this, Miss :P) I know I barely talks about her here but she's an inspiration to me. She always knows what to say when her students are facing problems. I'll always keep the message she gave me on Facebook...
She's the only one who calls me Susanna instead of Susan :)
I never thought she would think about me that way. I'm mostly quiet in her class last semester. The fact that she noticed me is very pleasing to me. She even wrote about me on her blog! Click here to see :) Thanks for the helpful advice, Miss!

Aside from the amazing people, there are also the not-so-amazing-people. I'm talking about the annoying one. There's this guy in my class, I don't wanna mention his name here, is really really clingy on me in everything. When my lecturers explained every little things in class on how to do the assignments step by step to the very last detail, what did he do? Oh he was frickin' DAY DREAMING. And when I want to finally rest in our hostel after a long day, he texted me asking me how to do the assignment because he "forgot". OH MY GOODNESS. Plus, there was this one time he texted me like this, "Susan, ko senaraikan semua homework kita." (Susan, list out all our assignments.) Oh. Oh? OH!? Oh you expected me to list out everything just like that? Where does the word, "Please", "Can you help" or even "Sorry for disturbing" even goes? WHY. Just...WHY??
Maybe I look like a sweet girl but if I'm mad, I just say what is bothering me to the person. I need to be stern because I've been stepped on all over because I was too nice when I was in school. 

And get this. He's 20. I'm 18. 

I had this conversation with my brother just now. He said, when we go to college we not only learn about what we learn in class. When we stepped on the college life, we also stepped on the world of different people with different behaviour. That's where we learn to handle the lazy ones, the socially inappropriate ones and a lot more. It's a small step for the teenager to the bigger world out there. We have to realize that not everyone is like us. 

Besides learning great things about art and new skills of drawings (which is greatly improved by the way) I also learned other things like how to handle myself in a very stressful situation and how to handle with annoying people. Heh. As I'm getting older every year, experiences are getting more exciting! Life is full of surprises! :D

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