Monday, October 20, 2014

Analyzing My Classmates

The third semester was where I made so many memories with my classmates and it was when I got really close to them and know them better. We laughed together, cried together. All kinds of stuff happened in that short period of time. It's holiday and I miss hanging out with them. I miss watching movies with them. I miss staying late at the studio and walk to Gading's Dining Hall when hungry together with them. 

On this post tonight, I dedicate this to my classmates. I'm gonna make descriptions on each of them since I've been observing them all these while.

Real name: Doughlas Anak Bunyam
He is a cool and a laid back guy. Very calm most of the time but very blunt when speaking. He's always honest and straightforward when stating an opinion and open to any critics. Besides that, he acts like a kid. Love being funny and disturbing the girls in class for fun but really mature when talking about serious things. He's also reliable when given a responsibility and very trustworthy. He will be a loyal friend to you unless you hurt him. When he accidentally hurts you in any way, he would immediately say sorry and promises never to do it again. He's a good friend but you have to get used with the occasional dirty jokes he would make. Haha!

Real name : Eva Vanessa Anak Ensoh
She's very competitive in class and hates it whenever she falls academically. When she needs help, she would get a little embarrassed to ask for help and always ended up not asking for help. You gotta ask her if she needed any help..then she would say yes. She's strong and does not afraid to do the kind of job that guys normally do. Also very knowledgeable but needs to be pushed on her confidence in front of people. 

Real name : Fatirah binti Ali
She's known as the "ustazah" in our class. She's never afraid to advice her friends whatever they do is wrong according to their belief. Looks very well-groomed and tidy all the time. Although she looks like a good girl, she likes to playfully teases you and laugh at you. That's one of her ways to get close to you. Most of the time in class, I saw that people like to tease her a lot and she just laugh it off and never took hard feelings for it. She's oddly spend most night on her phone talking to... uhh I don't even know lol. 

Real name : Halimatusa'adiah 
She's the kind of girl who still afraid on being far from her parents and I saw how hard she deals with it. A very quiet girl in class but she tried not to be too quiet as she normally made jokes to start a conversation with her classmates. She really tried not to be awkward and I think it's a good thing. However, despite the awkwardness, she is very diligent and her assignments were mostly well-done.

Real name : Lyana Eyahing
She has a great potential in class and always produces great artworks. She'll always thrive to achieve better in whatever she does but she has some problems with confidence. As a friend, she is loyal and she always gives the pep talk whenever someone is feeling down. She doesn't like seeing people down. Also, she often times says sorry even the little thing that she does that doesn't even matter. She's humble and never arrogant even though she knew that she's great in class. Moreover, she's never quick to judge someone and would take time to know the person truly until she can judge. She won't judge until she heard both sides of a story so she won't misjudge a person.

Real name : Marlina Singkan
She got commented on her cuteness and her prettiness in class most of the time. Even the lecturers does. She doesn't like having conflicts with friends and will always try to be friends with everyone. Although she is happy around her friends, she has a delicate heart that sometimes, people don't see that she's hurting. She's hilarious when her funny side came out. You will laugh like crazy when that side came out. She's also very very secretive when she has a problem. She probably don't want to burden others with what she's dealing in her life. 

Real name : Mohd. Azizi
He's always available to help his friends in need. He would also never talk bad about his best friend behind his back and defended his best friend in any circumstances. He values his friend that much. He's also never got dragged down with the bad influences from people around him. Even the people that he's close with. Loves making people laugh too whenever he get the chance and at times, loves teasing people for fun. He is well-known in the campus that sometimes, when my the others and I go out with him, there would always be two or three people that would say hi to him. Haha. Famous much? 

Real name : Norshyrul Syaaban 
Basically, this guy is the class joker. Like, everything he says and do can make you laugh so hard. Would be the center of attention in our class all the time. Whenever he's absent, people would immediately notice and I hate to admit this but... we got bored when he's not around.*rolls eyes* Other than that, he's a natural leader with great patience but would do whatever he has to do to properly lead something. That includes getting angry and stern even when he don't want to. He has no problem speaking in front of a crowd and has really high confidence. Also very well-known among students and lecturers.

Real name : Noor Shafina
Kind and helpful towards others. A very reliable person when given a responsibility. She was a very dedicated secretary. Often times got misunderstood by people for her being angry and straightforward. But, open to criticism and don't mind when people tell her what's bothering them with her. The kind of person who deosn't hold grudge and dislike paying back bad things others do to her. She's a forgiver.

Real name : Nur Hazirah Mastan
Before this, she was actually really quiet and to be honest, I didn't really noticed her at first. But as time goes by...and mostly on the third semester, she became loud! She wouldn't even control her laugh most of the time like it made me thinking... when did she became like this? But it's a good thing for her. She no longer afraid to stand up for herself and won't let anyone to walk all over her. Also like to tease people around but she would never go too far until it would hurt someone. It's okay to tease her too but be careful though. If the timing for you to joke around is not right, she would be in a bad mood and would be awfully quiet.

Real name : Sahwal Nizam
This is the guy in a snow cap. :P He is lovable by everyone who meets him. He's a soft guy that has more girl friends than guy friends. He's very nice to his friends and even a friend that is not really close to him. He is really nice and he would ask you what's wrong whenever he sees that something's wrong with you. People knew him with his great singing voice all around the faculty. Whenever he has the chance to perform, he will grab the opportunity. You will always see this person smile even though he has difficulties and problems back home, he will smile no matter what. He's soft and delicate but strong enough to get through anything in life. 

Real name : Siti Farhana binti Junaidi
She's not 100% healthy like the rest of us but she always make it like it's no big deal for her. She has great teamwork in most things we do like group assignments or when just having a study group together. Even when she's busy, she would take time to help her friends too. She doesn't let herself get too stressed in doing work and she won't let it affect her emotions. That's why she laughs when things are too stressful. When it come to friends, she's great in listening problems and giving opinion on the matter. 

Real name : Valarie Anak Da'ee
At times can be quite blur and very slow on talking. She got playfully mocked by Shyrul all the time that it ended up as a comedy in class. But as you get to know her, she is actually a really really funny girl. I respect on how she doesn't care when people advices her and how easily she is open to criticism. She is calm and very laid back. She understands how you feel when talking to her and would share what she thought on the matter and tells how it happens to her before. It's like that all the time. However, even she is known as the blur one, she is also very flirty to guys.

So that's it my classmates! Hope you enjoyed reading these! :)
I don't know how to describe myself. Can you do mine too? Thanks :D

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Third Semester

The semester is almost over and it has been a roller coaster ride for me. I honestly never thought being in this course would be this tough. Sure, people say being in university is hard but I thought I could handle it. Apparently I was wrong. You know, studying art was what I wanted to do since like forever. When I first came here I was thrilled and my lecturers saw my potential and most important, they saw my passion. I was loved and praised by everyone. People look at me and labelled me as “The Best Student”. The first semester, I got 4.00 gpa and the second semester, I got 3.80 gpa. I loved everything. I loved how people looked at me. But then, I started the third semester. I began to hate the high expectations from people. It was really stressful and I got a real problem on time management. So long-story-short, I didn’t finished my assignments on the assessment day. It was only like 30% left but all my other work was good but it would clearly affect my cgpa. Sigh. Time..  I sleep most of the time because I was tired every day. I am a human being. I should be able to rest or I’d get sick. When my mom found out that I slept really late like at 3 a.m., she told me to take a rest. When my brother, Jonathan, knew that I stayed up all night, he told me to stop being stupid and go to sleep.
          Jonathan, my brother. Let me tell you about him. Whenever I was stressed, I’d chat with him through Whatsapp. He knew what it feels to be in a university. He knew how it feels like to be scolded and cussed by lecturers and getting overwhelmed by assignments. He gave me a lot of advices and how to deal everything maturely. But the one thing he said that I remember most is that university is not about getting all A’s but a lesson for future life and meeting different kinds of people. It’s so that I could consult my family in times of trouble.
          I did take his advices and I did learned so much in this place. My skills are improving a lot too. Just because I did not get to fulfil all of my lecturers’ expectations this semester, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t think about my family when I’m studying and when I’m doing my work. I’ve already pushed myself to the limit. I slept late and stayed up most of the night to do my assignments. One time, I wanted to take a rest after staying up too long but I cried all of a sudden because I was scared… no not scared. I was TERRIFIED for not being able to finish my assignments for the next day but at the same time, I was exhausted. I’m not a robot. But my brother was always there for me. He said that it’s okay and whatever my lecturers said, just listen. I was in terror but he said it’s gonna be okay and I believed him.

          So whatever people are going to say about me, I don’t care because my grades don’t define my intellect. I gained a lot of knowledge this semester and I’m already okay with that. My parents are not disappointed at me. I know they’re proud of me and what I’ve become. If you’re not okay with that, I can’t do anything. I’m still gonna try again next semester though. I pray that I’ll be tougher. Physically and mentally. 

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