Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My Road On Becoming An Artist

Wow. Where do I even begin?

Well, I'm starting off with apologizing to all of you who are following me from the start that I just disappeared all of a sudden. If I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys, I was actually so lazy. I meant to write more, don't get me wrong. It's just that I procrastinated constantly and kept making excuses until I was really busy and well, I tossed aside my responsibility on my blog. Don't judge me, please.

Oh, the years have gone by so fast. I missed so many things that I could share with you guys here. Me getting a dog, my 20th birthday, my leadership experiences and so many more. Hopefully I get to share them in the future posts.

Anyway, I'm only sharing the thrill and excitement of my final semester.

      I started my diploma with an innocent heart. It was like I was taking a step into a big world. I remember being so passionae about fine art that I was constantly scared that maybe I'm not good enough to compete with the people in my class. That was like, what? 2 and a half years ago? It's funny 'cause now, after completing my diploma, I feel more confident and powerful than ever. It was such a humbling experience.

My final semester passed by in a flash yet I still remember all the memories in my head like I'm surfing channels on TV. Sort of.

      I remember being called by the head of the Art and Design Faculty and thinking that I have done something wrong. Someone in my class told me that Miss Julie told me to report myself to Block M immediately only to find out that I was chosen as the best student for my faculty. That was so rad. If my past self knew I would get such an award, she wouldn't believe it. Probably because she thought she was a loser all the time. Get it together, past me!
      So, I get to attend for an exquisite pre-grad dinner where the guests were limited. Fancy much?
Get to see my face on a banner there!
The place was beautiful
It says "Best Student of Diploma in Fne Art"
It was such a humbling and honoring experience. I would like to express my gratitude to all of my lecturers who pushed me so hard beyond my limit and told me to be tougher when I cried. It was tough. When you are giving your all in this field, you have to sacrifice your social life and your bed time. Thank you to Miss Julie, our class PA too for her endless support and guidance. 

I also get to be the project leader for our exhibition on the final semester, Reqaseni Vol.7 "Spectrum". Well, Sahwal, my friend was the project leader at first and I suppoerted him too but after a few personal problems he had to face, a new leader had to be chosen to take his place. Long-story-short, it was me. Hearing that, I was baffled. That was the time I  had a slow progress on my work and I wanted to say I couldn't do it but looking at my friends, I knew I had to do it. I knew I had to step up to lead for my friends because I couldn't bear the thought of everyone getting criticized of the weak planing of our exhibition. I hated that. It was hard though. I had to sacrifice a lot in beig a leader and how I messed up big time this one time in which I'm in no way able to tell you what happened. The blame that I willingly receive was too humiliating yet I survived all of it. The roller-coaster ride I had with my friends were later told in a brief moment by me when giving a speech on the opening of our exhibition in which was received in laughter- including our Rector! 

I miss the experience so much. How did God put me in that place? He is so good to me and I am constatly am grateful for the walk I had with Him along the years.

Yeah, I was in the paper. I was behind the easel and looking really weird but hey, I sill appeared on the paper so shut up
Below are my artworks from the exibition.
Silkscreen Printmaking
My series of artwork
My result came out on Nov 12th and I am so grateful and humbled that my GPA was 3.92! How crazy! Thank you, Lord!! And because I got Dean's List for every semester, I will be given the Vice Chancellor Award on my graduation next year!!!!

With blood, sweat and tears, I have completed my diploma. With every laughter and agony I went through with my friends, I will always cherish them. With every criticism and counselling from my lecturers, I will always remember.

Being an artist starts with your attitude. Once you say that you are going to have a commitment on it, you gotta show it with consistency. It's okay to stumble once in a while. We all have gone through that. Be open to criticism. The harsher it would be, the tougher it will make you. You gotta push yourself out of your comfort zone. But above all, don't forget to lean on God. Whatever you do, do it with God, together. Always have a relationship going with God so that it won't get too overwhelmed.

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