Tuesday, September 05, 2017

New Resolution

So this is like a New Year's resolution but instead of the beginning of the year, I decided to start on September. Yes it's a tad bit late so sue me. I want to start posting more on my blog. I don't want this blog to die since I've been doing this for so long already. I went back to my posts from this year and there aren't even that many of them. I gotta admit it was kinda disappointing. So, from now on I want to have at least 10 posts every month. I'm being realistic though because I know myself too much that I definitely cannot write every single day. I'll settle for 10 for now. I'd probably talk about my day a little and maybe go on a rant about things I want to. I don't know. Let's see about that.

For today I'd probably just share some of what happened today.
Well for one, I shot a cover of one of my most favorite songs, "Hallelujah". I actually reached 100 subscribers on YouTube today! It's crazy though. I've never really been very active in uploading and somehow there are 100 different individuals out there who clicked the subscribed button on my channel. Okay, maybe because I have a popular YouTuber boyfriend so that helped. Either way, I don't deserve all these attention but to show how grateful I am, I thought, what the heck, right? I haven't done a video for a while so might as well give them another video!

(click to watch)
I really am kinda proud of it. I kinda wish I have better production quality though. Heck, I shot that on my Samsung S4 and put the microphone on a stack of books. I don't really invest much on camera gears, lighting and all those stuff though since I don't really see myself doing youtube much. I do find it fun but it's never really my passion, you know? I'll probably do some videos again but I'm not committed to it. I really respect Chris' dedication for his daily vlogs and main channel and all that constant editing oh man. How does he do that?

My passion however goes to my drawings. I spent RM300++ for a drawing tablet because I desperately wanted it. I bought expensive pencil colours, charcoals, high quality papers, etc. It brings me so much happiness. If I have more money I would buy canvas with acrylic or oil paints. Maybe rent a little studio for me.
I'm slowly earning money though. I have few commission work that I have yet to finish. Pretty slow on them at the moment because apparently I'm too inspired to do so many things at once. I do need to get back on them though.

I'm quite busy lately. Sometimes I get pretty stressed out causing me to have mood swings which then caused me to not eat well and on time. I know it's bad especially my gastritis is terrible right now but I'll work on it. I have to.

However, as busy as I was today, I'm really happy for some reasons. I don't know why. I just do. It even rained today and I know it's weird for people but I really love the rain. It feels very cozy and just very peaceful to me... and the smell of the road after the rain.. oh my gosh. I love it I love it I love ittttt.

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