Monday, September 11, 2017

Twitter Isn't Necessarily A Waste of Time

I've gotten to know so many different people with different personalities on Twitter and it is truly a blessing. I don't get the chance to actually talk and know them on a deeper level though. I just interacted with them enough to call them as friends.
One thing I need to talk about though is how a lot of them are constantly struggling with depression and anxiety. I've seen their tweets on how they think they're struggling with their self-esteem or just having very hard life. It breaks my heart so much... you know why?

Because they are the most passionate people I've ever seen. The way they talk about the things they love are so inspiring and it's just so pure.
They know the value of friendship and the fact they bring each other up in their brokenness touched me.
The way they talk about their interests and ambitions showed me how much potential they have to go far in life.
The way they make others laugh with their incredible sense of humour tells me how quick their minds work and making me realize how intelligent they are.

But it hurts me.

It hurts me that they don't see that in themselves. I want them to stop hurting. I want them to stop believing the lies that they're not worth it. I don't want them to constantly think less of themselves just because they're on the internet and people out here telling them that it's a waste of time because it's NOT true. They're NOT wasting their time.

Without them on the internet I wouldn't have met the people that I'm holding dear to my heart right now.
Without them on the internet I would have feel so alone when I get depressed and had no one that understands me.

So people out there who make fun of "milennials" being on Twitter can zip their mouth and stop hurting these amazing people. It pisses me off. Just because you're not on Twitter and doing "life", doesn't mean the people on there are lesser than you.

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