Friday, July 22, 2011

Gloomy ;(

Today was such a gloomy day for me. I don't even have the mood and it was raining which added the gloominess for me. I don't even have the heart to laugh or smile. All I want is to be alone. Sometimes other people might think "Naah.. She doesn't really want to be alone. She's just saying that to get attentions"
Actually, I really like to be alone. I mean, not like emo . I like taking some quiet time.. you know, to meditate. I like it when I'm alone and I can think a lot of stuff. Most of the time in school, when my friends would tell each other some jokes and laugh loudly, I would just keep quiet and do my own stuffs. But still, I couldn't stop laughing if I heard some funny things they said.. You know, a lot has change in myself this year. The things I used to think was funny are not funny anymore. Am I getting matured now? Do adults laugh as much as kids do? That's not fair. Things do change when you're sixteen.

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