Saturday, July 16, 2011

Paint & Clean

I spend half of the day at school today. It was worth it. We painted the walls in blue ! See that wall behind me? Yeah, it looked really great. And our classroom looks a lot bigger.  
I do not regret coming to school just now. It was a lot of fun! Sweep the floor, wipe the windows, clean the fan.. etc..etc.. If only my two soul sisters were here.. [sigh] But Ernie & Ququ were on the church with their activities. I can't blame them. Actually, I did not planned to come the day before. But Mr. Ronald's (yeah, Teacher Amelia said 'SIR' Ronald is incorrect. That's why I said MR. Ronald) words kept repeating over and over in my head. He said, "Kalau boleh datanglah.. Ini satu kali saja ni.."
Man! I was really confused. However, I decided to go eventually. I decided around midnight last night so it was kind of a last minute decision.
I am so glad I decided to come. If I decided to stay home.. I would literally missed out all the fun! 
Our teachers also bought us a box of mineral water and some kuih..
They really took good care of us.. But those mineral waters were used to pour on Shafarina as it was her birthday. What a waste! Can't they use tap water?

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