Thursday, July 14, 2011

Soul Sisters :D

As you can see, my previous post was about my friends at All Saints, my previous school. But when I think about it.. it's not fair for my friends here in St. John. A couple of days ago, my friend, Ernie said she read my blog and she said she was jealous that I just talked about my friends in All Saints. Not fair isn't it? Besides, if it wasn't for her, my days in St. John would never be joyful. If it wasn't for her, I'd be a loner. If it wasn't for her, I'd just be a new girl who have no friends. Not that I'm saying that I don't have any other friends but she is the one who makes me really comfortable in that school. Besides her, I also have another friend who I love, Dellta. We call her Ququ.. Hee.. Well, honestly, sometimes she would really be a pain in the neck. I can't stand it when she shouted at me. But, yesterday.. when I was quiet and not in the mood. She noticed something wrong. She knew I was mad that she screamed at me... or was she? I don't know. But she tried really hard to say sorry to me. I was still mad that I wouldn't even look at her. What made me laugh is that my friends, Ququ,Ernie,May,Adli & Nazrin draw on a piece of big paper about our friendship. OUR friendship. Which Ququ wrote how sorry she was on it. That really touched me.. They really consider me as their friend and I am part of them. However, they lost the paper somehow.. Hee..

We are the Geng Budak Sowt !

Ernie @ Abeth
me, Ququ, Ernie

One more thing.
They really really like to annoy me!
Well, I can't see who doesn't.


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