Friday, September 30, 2011

I Thank Jesus :)

Not much for today's update actually.. I just want to say how much I thank God for what I achieved. Today, I finally found out my ranking in the class for my last test. Oh God, I can't believe this.. I got no. 10 ! That was my target ! I never reach any of my target before ! The feelings you get for reaching your target is something you cannot explain.. Thank you, Jesus ! However, I still failed my History and Account . If only I passed them, what ranking I would be? So, anyway.. this means that I should not feel satisfied enough. When I feel like this, I'm not gonna work harder. And then, my result will slip down. I don't want that !

Remember the girl I talked about that cheated in last test and she got no. 1 in class and ALSO IN ALL FORM 4 ? I beat her in English ! Haha ! She always thinks that her English is better than everyone else. See what happens when you keep bragging? She had always been my competition since we started this year. And now, I beat her! Anyway, praise God for my marks.

So, about our outing with Mr. Ronald (yeah, I'm gonna start calling him that now). He had confirmed that our outing will be on the 8th of October which is Saturday. But he said he do not want it to be at Rasa Ria because he said there's a gale at the beach. So we are going to choose the place.

That's all for today :D

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