Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Letter From God

My dear, dear Child,
   Oh, how I love you! I long for you to spend eternity with Me. I've been diligently preparing a place for you in My perfect Kingdom. You'll love it. You don't have the capacity to even imagine what it's like, but someday you'll be living here with Me in person. That is . . . if you let me have total control of your life.
   I know you can't comprehend how very much I love you, but I'm hoping you'll know that My death was specifically for you. That's right. Even though that you've heard that I died for the world at large, I want you to understand it was really for you! You see. . . if you had been the only person in all the world, I still would have chosen to leave the glory and splendor of heaven to come to earth and experience the torture I endured. . .just for you. I love you that much.
   You are my pride and joy! I dream such big dreams for you! I want to do extraordinary things with your life. But, my child, I need all of you. I won't force you to give me your life. I love you too much to control your decisions, but I yearn for you to trust me with your all.
   My child, I am perfect, and my Kingdom is perfect. Therefore, I cannot allow sin into my Kingdom. Knowing, however, that you were born with sin, I gave myself-in the form of my Son-to pay the price for you, so you could spend eternity with me. It's my ultimate gift to you. You can't earn it, and you can't buy it. I simply want to give it to you. But again. . . I won't force you to accept it. You have to make that decision on your own.
   Please choose to follow me, my child. I love you more than life itself. And I'm working diligently on our eternal home.

     Your heavenly Father,

Know It!
God is crazy about you and has gone to great lengths to let you know it. How will you respond?

Read It!
Psalms 19:1; Jeremiah 31:35-37; John 3:16

Pray It!
Give God your all and ask Him to help you begin living in radical obedience to his lordship.

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