Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Day Of Our Outing

Hello, readers. Just got back from Rasa Ria Resort, Tuaran. Not that tired anyway.. I love the time where we eat. My friend Bryan said, "Wuih, bahagia butul oh sia kalau sia kenyang!" Hahaha! Want to see what we ate?

Yummy, eh? 

And also, I enjoy walking around the beach with my fellow GBS ; Ququ, Ernie, Arin and Arie.
We're missing a person.. May. She said she wanted to come but turns out, she didn't. :(

We had fun taking photos.
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At first, I was furious because everything did not go well. Transport problems, food problems, water problems.. Apalah, perancangan pun lintang-pukang. Macamana? Heish. I almost fainted waiting for Sir to buy mineral waters.. I was so thirsty.

Then, when the water came, Ernie, Arie, Arin, Ququ and I were drinking like crazy. Almost like someone who had not seen water for a month.

Anyway, it's good to see Sir again. :))

So, that's about it. Nothing much, really.

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