Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Hey readers, just wanna update my blog.
   So, okay. I have results of some of my exam papers already. But I'm not gonna tell you guys until I get all of my papers. So, please be patient.(Yeah like you really wanna know)
Anyhow, so far so good and I didn't fail for the papers I already get. But I'm sure gonna fail for Account anyway. Yeah, I don't care. I'm not gonna take it next year. I don't want my career to have anything to do with the subject - THE PRICIPLE OF ACCOUNT. Enough said. So, next year I'm going to take PSV-Visual Arts Education. I really hope I can. I mean, when I saw the UTM's class having their PSV exam, I was so jealous. Yes, I mean it. I can't believe most of them groaning having to take PSV. I looked at their question paper and I was hoping I was the one who would take it. Their assignment to draw was really interesting and I know I can do it. Oh right. What am I babbling about? Geez, who would understand how am I feeling anyway? Like how my mind clicked today when talking about singing with Ququ. I remembered thinking that, "People who doesn't have the passion of singing never knows the feelings of the one who really has the passion for it when they sing." Yeah, right. What's wrong with me anyway? Why can't I stop babbling? Maybe because I can't do it with my friends 'cause I'm afraid they would think I'm such a boring person who talks a lot. But when I post this to you, you just have to read it and I don't have to look at your bored face. Haha! Yeah, but I made you read 'till the end anyway right? Hahaha!

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