Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Wait, what ?

Oh yeah, correction.. The closing ceremony for Language Month was not last Saturday. I'm sorry for giving you dear readers a wrong information. So yeah, the result for my public speaking, which I have waited so long, have not come out yet. Also the result for choir and choral speaking competition. I have been waiting for the results too but the closing ceremony of Language Month would be next week. I'm not sure what day. However, I heard that for choir in Bahasa Malaysia competition, our class, 5 UM, won. Huh? Seriously? We sang "Kau Ilhamku" and we won? Oh, okay.. Praise the Lord! 
So, speaking of Language Month.. Today was the English and Bahasa Malaysia drama competition. The emcee was supposed to be my friend, May but since she went home for something I'm not really sure of, Teacher Elly picked ME to be the emcee! "Susan, since May went home, you will be the emcee for today," Teacher Elly said.  I was like, "Wait, what?" Well, I can't argue since Teacher Elly had chosen me to be the president of English Language Club in my school. So, I have to take the responsibilities. When I think about it, this is really the first time I held a very important position in something. So I'm really grateful to God that at least, before leaving school, I learned something about leadership. Sigh. Final year. 
Anyway, I have no idea I have so many problems when talking in front of a huge crowd of people. Sheesh! I stammered in every sentence. But for me, it all went well. Ernie took part in the drama and played the role of an angry teacher. Hahah! She really managed to carry the role well. That's all. Gotta go eat dinner. Bye !

emcee ? XD

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