Thursday, February 16, 2012

What is Beauty ?

Well, what is beauty actually? Is it to have eyes at a certain distance with each other? Is it to have a nose with a certain height? Is it to have smooth and silky skin? Is it to be in a certain height or a certain weight? Of course not! Beauty is much more than that! But these are the stereotype beauty that the world has invented. People throughout the entire world had already misunderstood the true definition of beauty.

It's so sad to think that people actually believe this. They thought beauty is all about the outside. But the truth is, it's not. Maybe you are even one of them who believe this. 

And how does it affect people that had misunderstood the perception of beauty? 
People, especially young girls often feel down about themselves when they feel that they could not achieve that kind of beauty. They will go crazy when having a bad hair day, or when having pimples breakout, or when they gain weight. Not only young girls but also men and women. Stereotype beauty forces them to do plastic surgery. Why do you think they did that? It's because they want to be beautiful, that's why. Not just beautiful but perfectly beautiful since they know that nobody is perfect. But remember, imperfection makes each of you here unique in your own way.

Of course there's nothing wrong with being beautiful and keeping ourselves attractive but if that's what controls our life, we will be left very empty inside - and even more so as the years take their toll on our body. For instance, if we fall in love with someone just because of their looks, how will we continue to love that person when that person grows old and doesn't look so attractive anymore? That is why, what matters most is what's within you.

If we are only loved for our physical beauty, we will never feel truly loved because that is not the real person. Let people admire you for your wonderful personality and your wonderful character and most of all, your beautiful heart. Just be yourself and just be happy with how God had made you because there is no cosmetic for beauty like happiness. God never makes a mistake. Therefore, you, you and you were not a mistake when God had made you.

Now that you know what beauty really means, remember this wherever you go - whether you are big or small, tall or short, fat or skinny - like me , you are beautiful no matter what! As Selena Gomez said in her song, "Who says you're not beautiful?" I'm sure all of you know that song, right? Well, maybe not all of you. I will be glad to sing that song for you ! If this is a singing competition, but it's not.. so never mind. The important thing is the message that Selena had given through that song. Also, when someone says you're ugly or criticise about how you look like, be fearless and say, "I am beautiful no matter what!"

You are now ready to conquer your beauty. But there's one more thing that's missing. That is, your smile. Because beauty may be your power, but a smile is always its sword. 

Thank you for lending your ears. Have a great day!

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