Thursday, May 24, 2012

God's Blessing

Last April, for the month of "Environment Friendly" on our school, I joined the fashion show competition. I know, I know... This is sooo not me. However, I was interested when Teacher Elly said that we must design an outfit using waste materials only. Hey! I can design using newspapers! I mean, I had watched an episode of "Project Runway" where they designed outfits using newspapers. I know a thing or two about fashion and yeah, about designing. So glad to know that I don't have to sew clothes or anything because I'm terrible of sewing. Even when I'm using the sewing machine! All I have to use are a stapler and a duct tape to put on the materials together. 

Me and Alfera

This is the ONLY photo I got tagged in Facebook. Mehh.. I could have look better in this shot. Probably not my most flattering picture. I regret not having my own camera. Something wrong with my sister's camera so I didn't brought it. My dad's however though is fine but my dad will never let me bring his DSLR camera. Anyway, blah blah blah.. I won 2nd place! YEE-HA ! Got RM20 for my winning prize! God is so GOOD! I'm so glad I joined the fashion show competition. Not only my designing talent was shown but I can't stop getting compliments from everyone about how pretty I was that day. Everyone, including the teachers said that I should be a model someday. It was so flattering! My goodness! I may not want to be a model because it's not my passion but when you get compliments like that, wouldn't you be flattered as well? Couldn't forget Teacher Elly's words.. "You got the height and the looks." Hmm, I guess being skinny is good? I have been made fun of because of my skinny body for my entire life. Getting such compliment really had boosted up my confidence for being happy with myself ever since. 

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