Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Day I Went Out With My PLKN Friends

Yesterday was the day my friends from PLKN and I went to Centre Point(CP) and hung out together. Man, it took back all the three months memories when I saw each of them! I missed it so much! During our outing, we ran into a lot of our friends from PLKN. Not two or three people but I think it's more than ten! I even met my "Datuk K", Alek! Hahaha! Let me explain. I played the role of Datuk Siti Nurhaliza in one of the classes at PLKN and Alek played the role of Datuk K. Hahah! He was like, "Siti Nurhaliza!" and I was like, "Datuk K!" I missed that guy! Hahah!! How crazy is that!? I had a really good time though :)

But what I really want to share is I realised something when we sat down at McDonald's and we had this talk. Lola, Bibie(Lola's friend and she's not from PLKN), Jijie and I were talking about the times we had on PLKN and we laughed a lot. And then Jijie started to say, "Kalau bukan pasal PLKN, kita semua tiada di sini kan?"  (If it wasn't for PLKN, we wouldn't be here, right?) Then I started to think.. My goodness, she's right. If it wasn't for PLKN, I would never meet them. These bunch of wonderful people....from different backgrounds, personalities and talents. I feel so blessed to not only meet them but to know each and everyone of them personally. They have brought me up when I was down and I have done the same thing for them. Sometimes, I didn't realised what I said to them have some sort of impact in themselves until one of them said thank you for the all the words of encouragement that I have given which I don't remember saying. I feel appreciated so much.

After that, when Jijie told us how much she changed after PLKN that she didn't even raised her voice to her father.When she was angry, she stated to her father why she was angry in a very calm yet in a serious tone where before this, she swore and cuss to him a lot. Cussing to her own father? Yes, she has changed. Same goes to me. Before this, I barely appreciated my own mother. I don't even realised how tiring it is to clean the house until I experienced her situation by cleaning the dorm every single day. Most of the time I will get so sweaty even my bra get soaked with all the sweats. Besides that, I learned from one of the classes that whenever a child raised their voice to their mother, their mother will be broken hearted. Why? Because she will feel under appreciated. After all, who would want to get a response from your child like that since you have suffered hours of the pain of giving birth? Ahh... the pain of giving birth. I've been told this since I was in school but it never really gets in the core of me until one of the classes in PLKN. I don't know why but I noticed that the teachers there have some sort of talent to really connect with us, the teenagers. I shared this with Jijie, Lola and Bibie. Then Lola said she also loves her family more now. I feel like, wow! Did PLKN really taught all of us these things? Even our Commandant said that it always happens when PLKN ended, the PLKN camp will receive countless calls from parents saying thank you and asking what did they teach their children there.

And for that, I am really grateful to God for planning great things for me. PLKN is the most amazing that has happened in my life so far. I wonder what's next for me in my life?

From all the different kinds of people that I have met there, it's like I have seen a glimpse of the world. 

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