Sunday, September 01, 2013

Experience In College

I actually never thought that college would be so much more than just a place to study. On the night of August 30th, 2013 I became one of the ring girls for the Muay Thai competition at the Youth Floor. A couple of days before that, I auditioned if I could perform for our faculty’s annual dinner which we call “AD night” (Art & Design Night). Just so you know, this year’s AD Night’s theme is “Magical”! Ooohh..! Also, I became one of the committee members for our Sport’s Carnival today and this coming Friday (I think), I’ll be auditioning to be a model for a Bridal’s Fashion Show at One City Mall. Before you think of anything, the last one doesn’t really interest me you know. Mr. Zaki’s friend was the one who’s searching for models for his new Bridal Opening (or something like that) and he told me to go. I said I would think about it first and he said there’s no need. He wanted me to go. He said I MUST. I don’t know. I’m kind of nervous at the thought of me walking on stage with beautiful dresses and everyone staring at me. Whoa. It’s every girl’s dream but why am I scared? Why am I nervous? I don’t know.
Anyway, what I wanted to say was, college is not necessarily just a place for you to study and after you finish studying everything, you’ll graduate and go out and starts to work. At least that’s what I thought when I first entered… However, it’s the most special experience you could ever have and 50 years from now, you’ll look back the memories of everything you went through in college like having the majority problems as most the student were having such as financial crisis and you have nothing to eat else except instant noodles or being scared going to the bathroom at night alone because you heard a lot of scary things happenings in the hostel or… wait, are those the things I would look back in 50 years?
I’m kidding, haha! Hey, it’s only the first semester and I had experienced a lot of things! For instance, I enjoyed being one of the ring girls during the Muay Thai competition. The crowd cheered everytime I went up the fighting ring… the crowd cheered less when it was past 12 pm though. Except for Zul and the gang. He’s a funny guy I met in my class whom I hated when I first saw him during my interview for UiTM application and here we are, both accepted and being such good, yet goofy friends. Yeah, a few minutes before the the clock hits 12, we gathered in front of the Youth Floor to watch the fireworks. It was the countdown to Independence Day. When the fireworks were set off, at first I was cheering along with the crowd…but then, I just stood there looking up at the sky thinking of myself being there, at that moment. I was grateful. It was a beautiful firework. It was right in front of my eyes and that was the only time I saw firework in front of my eyes instead of looking them far away from the window of my house. God brought me here, to experience so many things. What if He calls me to go far away to experience…more?
You know, I used to be so down when I reached my 17th birthday because I really don’t want to grow up. Now, I realised that the older we get, the more exciting life would be. I’m only 18 now! I can’t imagine what more I will experience in years to come!

To my friends who just entered college or will be entering soon or even when you’re already in college, take every chances, dare yourself to do the thing you’ve never done, and count every moments that takes your breath away. Make it special. :)
Me as the ring girl for Muay Thai. Sorry, very bad quality photo. I wasn't the one who took the picture though.

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