Tuesday, October 29, 2013

AD "Magical" Night

Sept 15th, 2013 - Merdeka Palace, Kuching

During full rehearsal that morning :)
Atika, me & Wry (The three singers that'll perform)
Front : Haziq, Syifa, Adilla, Atika, Wry, Sudir & Zarif
Back : Rabiatul, Fikri & uhh.. i don't actually know her name
A view of the stage.
Views of the marvelous dining place

me & Aquinas behind me
Strolling around Kuching before rehearsal starts

Dinner will be starting and changed to my outfit. I wanted to
be a baby doll for the "magical" themed dinner. Failed to
look one a little bit though.
Aquinas & I
people thought we were a couple.. we're not! 
Adilla & Syifa
Syafa'at (Mr. emcee) & Haziq (the dancer)
Syifa, Nick, Zarif, Sudir & Aquinas
Jijie & Valerie
The beautiful Debbie :)
The two most annoying guys in class : Shyrul & Ijal
Doughlas, Jijie & Charles
Eva - Shyrul's and my nemesis hahah!
Eva & I
she was so beautiful on that night
Eva & I again :)
Lia & I
I'm such a giant -_-
Nick & Debbie
Aquinas & Nick
Debbie & Anatasia
Both are very beautiful!!
Hahah! That's Syawal! Look at his costume xD
Beautiful Debbie again :)
Valarie!! I did not recognized her at first that night. Seriously.
Syawal, Aquinas & Debbie
The peopleee...
Syawal & Aquinas
Valarie again :D 
Debbie & Fikri
Wati, Debbie & Fikri
me & Fikri

Taking a selfie in the ladies' room
Debbie too :)
me & Debbie :)
Why are you so beautiful, Debbie?
me & Debbie again.. Azwan holding a camera at the back hehe
Spencer, Valarie, Debbie & Jijie
Debbie, me & Valarie!
me, Debbie & Valarie
Jijie & I
I like this guy! (no, not that way)
me again! hoho :P
me & Debbie
Me & Mr. Zaidi, my favourite lecturer! <3
So glad I get to take a picture with him!!
Haziq & I
Both are ex-students of S.M. All Saints hehe
Zarif the "Jason Mraz" & I :)
I love his singing !
Aquinas & I again
me &...Minion?
me & Andrian :)

And finally, pictures of me while I performed on stage..

I enjoyed every moment of it :')

Click the link below to see watch my performance. I will appreciate it a lot! :D

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