Wednesday, February 10, 2016

That One Time I Made My Teacher Pissed Off

When I was in secondary school, which basically the same as high school for other countries, we had this new substitute teacher that nobody really likes and she was the one in our class during our exam. I distinctly remember that it was our paper for Moral Education when this happened. The exam started and she was explaining something to one of my classmates about the paper but she didn't lower her voice. So the clock was ticking and I couldn't concentrate on my paper when she talked and it got me on my last nerve and I just went, "SHHHHH!" She snapped and she turned around to face the entire class, screamed, while I sat there pretending that it wasn't me. I was so terrified but my friends were holding back themselves from laughing. Some gave me a look of utter shock but with a sense of approval.
During recess, students from other classes came up to me to ask if it was true. I realized that the story spread so fast. I was trying to explain that it slipped from my tongue and I didn't mean to make her angry. They didn't care and people were saying she deserved it.

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