Thursday, January 19, 2017

Felt Like Dying

Over the past few days I've been seriously ill. I kept it hidden from my family of course because I don't wanna trouble anyone to drive me to the hospital and spend hours waiting for my turn to be called. I saw the look on their faces before while waiting at the hospital. They were extremely tired and bored but somehow kept it together for me. I really don't like troubling people to be honest. 
Anyway, what happened to me was I became nauseous all the time especially when I wake up and when I eat. I feel like throwing up and I'd rather starve myself than having to endure the nauseous feeling again. It was weird though. It all started from the feeling of uneasiness in my stomach and goes to my throat and I'd feel out of air then get nauseous. It literally tried to reject everything that I ate. I hated it. I thought it would pass eventually but it got worse. 
I started eating less and less and I lost weight. My jeans started slipping down when I wear it without a belt. I woke up in the middle of the night because I was terribly nauseous. This is why I fainted way too many times at home. Just ask my family how often they found me lying on the bathroom floor. Heck, I even broke my tooth when I lost consciousness and fell last year but that's another story. 
So, two days ago I cried in my room because I couldn't take it anymore. Why? Why can't I be healthy like everyone? I just want to live a normal life. But hey, I stopped crying eventually and googled my symptoms. Internet is so useful I gotta say. Besides getting the result that I was pregnant, it also said that I might have indigestion or acid reflux. Basically like the acid in my stomach and my stomach lining that kind of stuff were all wrong. One of the things that triggers this is anxiety. Of course it is. I've been pushing myself way too hard on working lately though so that explains it. There were many things I did that caused this too like drinking water while eating instead of after eating, lying down after eating, not eating on time and so many more. I was thinking of asking my brother to take me to the hospital though but then I found some homemade remedy section. I tried drinking ginger tea and putting my pillow higher at night so the acid don't go up to my esophagus.

It worked. Oh my gosh it actually worked!!! I was so surprised and grateful oh my goodnessssss.

I feel much better now though. Not completely... but I can eat like normal now. Man, I was so starving today I wanted to eat everything since I've been skipping meals a lot these past few days. I still have to be careful though. I need to eat very slowly and not eat a lot all at once so my stomach won't freak out. I also need to stop with the caffeine, cold drinks and acidic food. Well, it's a progress, right? I'm happy and thank God for helping me get through this.

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