Saturday, January 14, 2017

What If An Author Wrote About Me?

The sun was already high and she's slowly waking up to her alarm that she snoozed for like the tenth time. It has always been like that. She was determined to wake up early the night before, like every other night but to no avail. She couldn't help it though. The night has always been so alive for her. The stars in the night sky speak so many words to her soul. She is just oozing with creativity and she would just drown herself in her art. Every brush stroke she took, every pencil mark on the rough paper, her soul dances with joy. It was her happy place. Those were the moments where she escape the world without actually leaving. She would spend hours and hours doing what she loves at night. Tea on her side, some snacks maybe and listening to some music in her earphones. She wanted to sing out loud and listened to her own incredible voice. Yes, she is fully aware of how good her voice is. Yet, singing at the top of her lungs past midnight would probably not a good idea so she just sang quietly. Bobbed her head up and down to the beat while her messy bun started getting loose where she had to tie them up again and again. She loved every second of it.

She opened her eyes and took a few more minutes lying down before getting out of her bed while planning everything she needed to do on that day. She never wrote her entire day plans out because it made her feel tied down and it was too stressful for her. Most of her daily activities consists of chores and doing commission work. People adore her art so a lot of them paid her for it. Thinking that she just graduated while looking for a job, it was a good thing to do for some side incomes. Next thing she knew, she became a full-time independent artist. Although it might not be all sunshine and rainbows for her doing it, she enjoyed it. She met tough people along the way and so many discouragement thrown at her for not doing what exactly was wanted. One time, she had to start over her full two days of work because it appeared to be "ugly" to her customer. Being a perfectionist that she was, she would hate herself if something does not appear as good as she thought. Although she had to go through some rough times, she appreciated the lesson which eventually made her even patient and stronger not only in business but also in life.

She was still not sure what is in store for her in years to come. She wanted to be a big artist. She wanted to be known for her talent. Yet, the future is unknown and is terrifying. However, something unknown can also be exciting and she hold that thought while enjoying what she have in the present.

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