Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Demons In My Thoughts

Do you really think you deserve to be in a relationship? Come on, even you know that the "independent girl" act you put on is you hiding the fact that you being loved is unimaginable. Yeah, boys look at you as the pretty girl. That's how you always are. The "pretty" girl. The guys you were involved with...who fell for you. They were only there because they noticed how pretty you were... but what are you besides "pretty"? See, even you are too scared when people see you during your bad days. You freaked out over a bad picture because those horrible relationships that you've been made you put your worth on your face alone. What makes you think that the guy you're thinking about will like you back? Even if he does, do you really think he's gonna appreciate you wasting his time with a dysfunctional girl like you? Look at him. He's so nice and wonderful and a gentleman. What if he finds out how broken you are inside? How ugly your thoughts are? 
He deserves someone better. He deserves a happy, joyful girl just like him.
He needs a bright, cheerful yellow in his life.
You're just a dull, ashy grey. 

Stop trying.

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