Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dear Future, Susan

Dear future Susan,
I know you're sad and disappointed with yourself. Sometimes things don't go the way you want it to but please do not beat yourself up for it. People mess up but it's not going to be forever. Giving up? Well that can be forever if you choose that path.
You are not a failure. You have done so much in your life. This is me from your past being proud of yourself for the things you have done for people. You know Sasha your friend? You helped her through her breakup. She said she loves you and you're very important to her. Think about all the people that you helped and encouraged along the way. They look up to you. Look how selfless you are. Keep being selfless.You are so important to so many people. If you feel like the world is against you in so many ways, it's not gonna be forever. You're not strong? Look around you. Everyone is ready to help you. Don't you dare say that they don't care because I am seeing it now how they would do anything to make you feel better. You know why? Because seeing you sad breaks their heart. Please don't bottle things up to yourself. You know how damaging it is right? You tried before. Yeah it never works. Talk to the people who are already around you. People who care about you.
Future Susan, remember how God always answered your prayers? He will answer your prayers right now too. All your pain, anxiety and fear will be carried by the Lord. The devil will do anything to say all these bad things about yourself in your mind and at times, it can be pretty convincing but right now you need to rebuke it in Jesus' name. You and I know that it's not true. It never has been.
If you think you're never gonna be happy again, think about the times you thought the same waaay back and here I am feeling content and happy. You know I went through crap too but I am still standing here with a smile on my face.

You got this.❤

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