Saturday, September 30, 2017

Why Am I In A Long Distance Relationship?

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you probably already know that I'm in a long distance relationship with my amazing boyfriend, Chris Howard. (hi babe!)
      I get asked a lot on why I chose to be in a long distance relationship (LDR). Well to answer that, I don't think anybody wants to go for a LDR as a choice to begin with. LDR may happened because of so many reasons. In my case, I happened to stumble across a man that I never knew would change my life to this day. Did we jump straight into a relationship though? No, we didn't. I found out that Chris actually thought I was pretty back then but he was being careful and not trying to pursue me because he thought nothing realistically could happen between us because of distance. 
  I think he was being absolutely reasonable. Of course anyone would hesitate to even think about being in a LDR.
    It turns out, while we were getting to know each other, our feelings never actually faded. We both admitted that we tried not to like the other person since we thought things would never happen anyway.

We couldn't.

In fact, they grew stronger.

    We got together after finally confessing our feelings to each other. We were a mess but we did it anyway. I'm glad we did.
    At the end, it comes to whether or not both of us are willing to commit and finally close the gap one day. LDR is worth it when there's a future for both of us to look forward together.
Has it been easy for us? Definitely not. But is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely. Chris is worth every mile between us.

So, would I recommend you to go for a long distance relationship? Well I'm not gonna say yes but I'm not gonna say no either. 
I'm not gonna say yes because I know how hard it is. I don't ever want to see you having to go through what I am going through.
However, I'm also not going to say no because LDR is not an impossible thing when you know someone who is worth all the fights you have to go through.

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