Friday, January 19, 2018

My Happy Places

(Not my photography)

A serene morning at a quiet coffee place. Ordering a cup of tea because of my no coffee strict diet.
Sinking in the atmosphere with a book in hand. A romance novel because I'm cliché like that.
Surrounded by different kinds of people with different backgrounds.
Just the right amount of people for the introvert in me to just sit back and relax.
Breathing in.
Feeling calm.
Feeling safe.

(Not my photography)

Strolling around the lonely beach at night. Feeling in the breeze and the cold water at my feet. The sky lit with millions of twinkling stars.
The moon that casts a subtle shadow on my surroundings.
A campfire not far away from where I stand. 
A spot for me to just sit nearby an  warm myself.
A spot for me to let my thoughts carry me to different places in my mind.

(Not my photography)
Being in an art studio.
A studio I have worked on all my life to own. Letting my hands move on the big stretched out canvas, letting the image of my inspiration gets created.
Not a commission from people.
I finally do it for me. Not the money.
I'm free.
No more listening to what people want me to do.
Just listening to Demi Lovato's albums playing on repeat in the studio.
My studio. 

In the deepest corner of a library.
Feeding my hunger of useless knowledge that I'd probably never use in the future.
But it's okay, because it makes me happy.
Just getting engrossed with all the books I got my hands on. Lost in my thoughts. No voices of people barging in my room every few minutes that I always hear.
I'm away from them.

Waking up in the morning, rolling over to the side and seeing the face of the man I love. The man I've been in love with for so long.
Looking at him in a deep sleep.
A moment of simplicity yet a very important one.
A moment I've been waiting for all the years of separation in distance.
A moment of appreciating that I have dreamed for, for so long.
Embraces that I have craved in all those times of waiting.
A moment I will never take for granted.

Oh how I wish I can be in everyday.
Where rules no longer exist.
No more worries of people telling me what I should and shouldn't do.
Oh how beautiful these places are.
How content and happy this heart is!

the universe echoes a reply,

"Not yet."

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