Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"What Do You Know About Love?"

If you're a Christian, you can probably relate when I say that I secretly disagree with what the churches are talking about and doing sometimes. Oh, the things I really want to say. I can go on and on and on. This post isn't gonna be about me ranting all of that though. It's just the sermon given by our pastor last week that kind of bugs me like an itch that doesn't go away.
Before I continue though, I just want to clarify that I love our church and it's the church that I accepted Jesus in my heart. I don't hate my church it's just one of those things where you felt "eh" once in a while like all the things in your life. I'M NOT A HEATHEN I PROMISE.
Anyhoo, back to the story. Last week, our pastor talked about Valentine's Day a little bit and he was talking about how it's a man-made celebration that didn't even exist in the bible and overall just kind of showing skepticism about the day and he went on about young couples and the love celebrated isn't even close to Jesus' love for us.
I know some of what he said was true that no love is greater than Jesus' love for us but it bothers me so much how older people view the young people celebrating love together. It's the kind of skepticism where they look at us and scoff, "What do you know about love?"
First of all, St. Valentine was beheaded for performing marriages in secret because he believed in love. He didn't go around and scoff at people for it. He was celebrating love and he risked his life for it.
Second of all, can anyone really tell what love is without quoting the "Love is patient, love is kind..." from the bible? Is anyone really in the place to look down on people and think, "Do you even know what love is?"
Personally for me, anyone can view love differently. Even when people still don't know what love is, doesn't mean they can't connect with someone and figure out what it means. I wasn't sure where I was standing in "love" but I've learned so much with my relationships with Chris. You think it's easy for us? You think all of these is just some kind of a joke?? You think that people like us celebrating Valentine's Day means that we're forgetting about Jesus???
Phew, sorry getting a little angry there.
So yeah I don't know I'm just kind of upset when people are being so skeptical towards young couples. There's nothing wrong about couples celebrating their relationship with chocolates or roses and there's also nothing wrong if couples chose not to do it. There's no reason to bash the other group. No couples are superior than the other. We all celebrate it differently! We all experience the romance differently.
Also, why do most older people act like they know everything about love? Because their married with kids? Most of the marriages I see are falling apart but go off I guess. *sips tea* 

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